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Wu Zhang was sitting in his office, completely focused on his work behind the huge pile of files. Everytime he got into his work mode, he would have an ice cold look on his face, leading to a drop in the room temperature. His phone suddenly rang, when he saw the caller ID, he accepted the call immediately.

"What is it?"

"Brother how can you still be working?" an excited male voice came through the other end of the phone.

"What else do you do in the office?" Wu Zhang asked non chalantly.

"Bro I heard you brought a girl to the party, and it was neither Fei Yan nor anyone from the office. Quick Quick tell me who was it."

"Wu Zihao If you don't have any work to do, just hang up. I am busy." and without even waiting for his brother to respond, Wu Zhang hung up.

Just as he picked up his pen, his phone rang again and it was again Wu Zihao. He sure was very excited to know that his big bro has shown interest in some girl for the first time. Based on Wu Zhang's personality for every event that required him to bring a date along with, he would either go alone or else take the female directors from his office it was work related and their presence was needed. Although everyone knew that he had taken them for business purpose, but the ladies he would take would always take is their date. Because their was no way Wu Zhang would ask them out otherwise. And of course only Wu Zhang could do such thing to go alone to parties that needed him to bring a date and because it was Wu Zhang, no one would dare say a word. It was only once he has taken Fei Yan with him because she was invited to the same party and had come to him crying that her date has ditched her at the last moment, so to give his friend some face he has joined her. However Fei Yan took the opportunity to pretend to be the Future Mistress of the Wu household and a lot of people even thought that it was true and ever since then he was eumoured to be dating Fei Yan.

Wu Zhang pinched the area between his eyebrows as he picked the call again and Wu Zihao's whining voice came from the other end of the line, "Bro you don't love me anymore. You won't even tell your little brother about your life anymore now?"

"Get lost." Wu Zhang hissed from between his teeth. His voice was so cold, that it even made Wu Zihao who was miles away from his brother, break in cold sweat and he hung up immediately while Wu Zhang got back to his demonic mode.

He was still working when Li Jing entered the room, "Boss, Madam Wu has come to visit you."

"What does she want?"

"Umm.. meet you?" Li Jing said slowly. Boss can't you be a little less terrifying. How would I know why did she come. She won't tell me anyways. Of course he did not say that out loud.

"Bring her in." Wu Zhang spoke without lifting his head from his big pile of doccuments.

"Zhang, tell me honestly. Have you fallen in love?" Mother Wu was so excited as she asked this question. Her brown eyes had become wide and were twinkling with excitement. She had always been worried that her elder son only knew how to fool around with girls at the bars and woo them with his words, without any intention of finding a partner for himself.

"Mom, can all of you stop being so nosy." Wu Zhang was a little annoyed.

"Huh, rascal who is being nosy. I am your mother I can be as nosy as I want to be. And you still cannot call me nosy. Understand." Mother Wu said while pointing her index finger towards her with a sense of pride.
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