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Yue Ling had no idea that the person she saw her step-daughter with was Wu Zhang. She thought for once that he looked familiar, but then dismissed the thought immediately, and the reason was she thought Sing Jia would have again found some trash guy to become her boyfriend.

Yue Ling had come back after visiting her parents and was on the way to Song Mansion when she ran into Song Jia at the airport.

---Green Residency---

The villa was a total mess. Pieces of a porcelain vase were scattered around the entrance At a corner an ancient gramophone lay broken. No matter in which direction a person turned tgeir head into, they would find something or orther lying their broken or thrown. Fei Yan had immediately returned home after being embarassed at the party and had created the huge mess. None of the maids or servants had dared to even appear in front of her after her return, as she has turned into a posessed witch. She was so angry with Feng Ying that she had cursed him a thousand times and sent people to look for him. She just wanted to kill him for embarassing her. She had never expected that Song Jia would know who Feng Ying was. And due to the fact that Song Jia knew a roadside man like Feng Ying, she had assumed her to be a gold digger woman who was leaching off money from Wu Zhang.

While she was still on her destruction spree, her secretary entered, and a vase came flying towards her. Horror struck her face but thanks to her quick reflex she bent down in time, covering her head and narrowly escaped from the huge vase or else she would have been dead meat by now.

'Bitch' she cursed under her breath as she went inside.

"What is it now Xiaozhi, did you find what I asked you to?" Fei Yan asked. She looked like a maniac, her make up had smudged from crying and made her face look distorted, while her long hair had become a mess.

"Yes madam I have found out about the girl you asked for." Xiaozhi said supressing her anger while deep inside she wanted to kick the woman in front of her so hard for behaving like an idiot and almost killing her.

"Speak then." Fei Yan's tone was arrogant and impatient.

"Madam actually she in not what we thought her to be. She is not a gold digger like we assumed..." while she was still reporting, Fei Yan interrupted her.

"That is for me to decide what she is and what she is not. You stick to your own business."

"Madam she is the President of Song International Corporations, Miss Song Jia." Xioazhi spoke slowly, afraid that another would come flying towards her soon.

"What did you say? Song Jia?" Fei Yan was surprised. She was expecting her to be someone from the slut girl gang that always tried to seek attention of Wu Zhang and failed miserably. But to her disappointment it turned out to be the heiress of Song empire.

"Yes madam."

"And that bastard? How does she know him?"

"Madam although it is not sure, but rumours had it that he is her boyfriend and they had been dating since her college days.

"Why would she go with Wu Zhang then? And why would she insult him then?" Fei Yan tried ti connect the dots.

While she was still wracking her brain to find the answer, Xiaozhi spoke again, "Madam it might be they have broken up."

"Hmm" After all the way she insulted him and how that coward ran away, it must be the reason.
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