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When love beckons twice 4 You took my love for granted

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Song Jia glanced at the girl beside him, who has now taken a few step back and then returned her attention back to Feng Ying. "I think you misunderstood my love for you Ying. You took my love for granted."

"No Jia you are.... " before he could finish he was cut off by Song Jia's words. "I haven't finished yet. Why did you keep playing around with my feelings if you did not love me? When did you become se despicable and so greedy for money? Tell me, was it really all for money? Did you never even for once loved me?" Song Jia found it harder to control herself any more as her voice became raspy and her eyes started welling up. She turned away her face as she did not want to cry in front of him.

"Jia I got infatuated to you during our final year of college and i confused it for love. I did not know when it changed." Feng Ying hung his head low, staring at his feet, feeling uneasy.

"Really? But I just heard you wanted to extract money out of me. What do you want to say about that?" she looked straight into his eyes as she said that and crossed her arms in front of her chest, waiting to hear his reply. Feng Ying on the other hand was dumbfounded after hearing her question, because what she just said was the real reason he persued her in first place. His family had decent financial background initially but during their final year of university his father lost everything they had, in gambling and drinking, so now, they barely had enough to put food on the table and were under huge debts. He always knew Song Jia loved him, so he proposed to her for the betterment of his family. He was never good in studies and got admission in the university through some connections. With his poor grades he could not find any decent job and relied just on Song Jia for the lavish life he lived now. Before Feng Ying could respond the girl next to him got imaptient and tapped on his shoulder lightly "you can continue with this as long as you want. Give me my money. I need to go."

Both Feng Ying and Song Jia looked at her before Feng Ying pulled out some money from his pocket and without counting placed it in her hands and then signalled her to get lost. The girl took the money and took one final glance at them before she left. Song Jia was still waiting for his answer, sensing her gaze on him Feng Ying turned to look at her.

"I am sorry for being a jerk Jia." this was the best response he could come up with right now.

"I don't need your apology, but yes you definitelty are a jerk." saying this Song Jia pulled out a thick wad of cash from her bag and placed it on the centre table "take this money and leave C city by tomorrow. Do not ever come in front of me again otherwise I will make sure to stand true to your words of destroying you in a jiffy" she was referring to what he has said when he was inside the room with that escort.

Even after everything she was still giving him money, this made Feng Ying feel very guilty. He could not dare to make an eye contact with her. All he managed to speak was one word "why?"

"Beacuse no matter what you thought of me, but I loved you genuinely and no matter how angry I am I cant change the fact that i still love you. And i hate myself for not being able to hate you even after what you did to me. And now that i know money was what kept us together so I should not let your efforts go to waste. So keep it and get lost" saying this she headed straight out of the door and reached to her car without looking back for even once leaving the guilt filled Feng Ying behind.
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