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After they had deicded to leave together, Li Jingli went to take care of the discharge proceedings for Wei Xin and Wu Zhang excused himself for some office work, leaving the two woman alone again.

As soon as everyone left, Wei Xin turned to ask Song Jia, "What is going on between you two?"

"What do you mean?" Song Jia was puzzled.

"You and the president. Quick Quick, tell me."

Song Jia's jaw dropped hearing the question, because she herself did not know what was going on. She was oblivious to Wu Zhang's feelings and for her, she was a heartbroken girl right now so she did not think about it at all.

"Why are you spouting such nonsense. Their is nothing going on." As she spoke what she did not notice was her cheeks, which has flushed red. WeibXin clearly noticed it, although she did not speak anything thereafter, she knew things were not like how Song Jia thought them to be. She had noticed the way Wu Zhang looked at Song Jia and the tenderness that appeared in his eyes when she was in his sight. She knew something was sparkling, but she chose not to speak about it for now, afraid that Song Jia might shut him out of his life after knowing this.


Finally after a peaceful night, the four of them flew back to C City. Aftet they had disembarked, they went their own ways.

Wu Zhang and Song Jia were walking together, being followed by Wei Xin and Li Jing. They were too busy talking, and then bumped into a middle aged woman. As soon as Song Jia saw that woman, the smile on her face disappeared. Wei Xin greeted her politely, but Song Jia was about to walk away, when the woman stopped her and removed her sunglasses to talk, "Is this how you treat your mother Song Jia? Not even greeting her."

By this time Wu Zhang has already recognised the woman, she was Yue Ling

"You ain't my mother. You are just my father's wife. You have no relation with me whatsoever." Song Jia spoke with a poker face, depicting no emotions.

Her words shocked Wu Zhang and with a surprised expression he looke at Song Jia. Suddenly he remembered her words from the night she got drunk after the party 'No one loves me, not even my dad.' After he heard the word 'step mother' he had roughly guessed why she was not at good terms with her father.

The expression on Yue Ling's face changed, "Oh right, since you have just a name sake relation with your father, how could the relation extend up to me." The woman laughed mockingly.

Hearing her words, Song Jia's face darkened, and she sub conciously clenched her fists. The remaining three people, clearly noticed her discomformt. To calm her down, Wu Zhang stepped forward, "Jia, let's go." He gave a sharp look to Yue Ling and then took Song Jia's hand to take her away.

Yue Ling noticed the small gesture and commented, "So you finally got your senses back?" Song Jia who was about to walk away, stopped in her way and turned around, "What do you mean?"

"You finally got rid of that trash boyfriend of yours, huh? But what amazes me more is that you found a new one real quick." She would leave no chance to degrade Song Jia.

Even though Wu Zhang did not like Yue Ling, but her words pleased him a lot, to the extent he even smiled slightly. He really wanted to be treated as Song Jia's boyfriend.

"That is none of your business Mrs. Song." Song Jia hissed in anger.

Yue Ling chuckled while Wu Zhang pulled Song Jia towards him, "Jia let's go."

As they were going, Yue ling spoke loud enough for them to hear, "I give you my blessings" and laughed like she has told a joke.
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