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When love beckons twice 29 The Audio Clip

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Song Jia and Wu Zhang had just entered the hospital after their meal, and Song Jia mood had been uplifted. She looked much better.

After they reached to the door of Wei Xin's VIP ward, doctor Lin came out of the ward with a nurse following after her. Song Jia went to the doctor when she saw her and before she could speak, the doctor recognised her and spoke, "Miss Song, the patient is awake, you can see her."

"How is she doctor?"

"She is absoloutely fine. We have run all the required tests and she is doing fine."

"Thank you doctor." Song Jia spoke politely and then went inside to see Wei Xin, while Wu Zhang waited outside. He was not actually concerned about Wei Xin at all. All he cared about was Song Jia's happiness and well being. He kept her compamy to make sure she is fine. As he saw her finally relaxing, he felt a lot at ease.

Wei Xin was laying in her bed, her fair skin looking pale and a slight discomfort in her eyes.

Song Jia approached her and sat by her bedside. "How are you feeling now?"

"I am fine." Wei Xin said in a coarse voice after blinking her eyes a few times.

"But what exactly happend to you? And how did you end up in that building?" She finally asked the question that has been bothering her.

Wei Xin was silent for a moment before she answere, "After you went to the party, I decided to go around and discover the nearby places in the city. After sometime i felt like i was being followed." Wei Xin paused and Song Jia waited patintly. .


"After I confirmed my suspicion, I decided to reach a cafe nearby, because it is always crowded. But that is where I made a mistake, because the path I chose was very quiet. With no one around. And that is when they sorrounded me."

Wei Xin's expression started changing, as she spoke. Clearly she was a little traumatised by the incident. Song Jia took her hand, and patted it slightly to comfort her and after a while she continued, "I tried to escape but they knocked me out and i don't remember anything after that."

"When I woke up I was in that building, tied. And a man was waiting for mr there. He actually had a message for you."

"What message? Song Jia raised her brows.

"It is in my phone."

"Phone.. " Song Jia realised she still had Wei Xin's phone with her. She pulled it out from her bag and gave it to Wei Xin.

Wei Xin unlocked it with her free hand and played an audio clip.

"Song Jia," it was a man's voice, "this was your punishment for trying to be so daring in front of me. You should be afraid of me and must not try to play smart. Today it was just your measely assistant. Tomorrow it could be someone more dear to you." And the recording ended.

It was a weird recording, both of them could not understand what the recording meant and what did the person want. It did not express his intentions at all. The two woman were so engrossed in hearing the recording that they did not notice Wu Zhang who was standing on the door until he finally opened his mouth, "Since your friend is fine, you should also take some rest Jia."

Both of them turned to look at Wu Zhang, abd Wei Xin spoke, "President Wu, thank you for saving me."

Wu Zhang just nodded his head in acknowledgement and diverted his attention to Song Jia again, "When do you plan to fly back?"

"As soon as she recovers to fly back safely." Song Jia said pointing to Wei Xin.

"She can get discharged tonight. And since you have not booked your flights yet, fly back with me."

"Wu Zhang, you have already taken enough trouble for us, I do not want to bother you anymore. We'll go by ourselves."

"The thing is I don't like seeing lot of empty seats in my plane, so I want you to fill it up." Wu Zhang said smiling.

"Then let us leave tomorrow morning." Song Jia accepted the offer.
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