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It had already been 5 hours, since Wei Xin woke up. Song Jia was talking to the doctor to know about her condition, "Dr. Lin how is she now?"

"Miss Song, we have examined her and their are no prominent physical injuries.Just a few cuts, maybe she got it while struggling to escape. But if she has gone through some mental fatigue, then her mental condition could only be decided after she wakes up." Dr. Lin said adjusting his rimless glasses.

"How long will she take to wake up?" Song Jia was worried since it has already been more then 5 hours.

"She should be awake in a few more hours. Don't panic." The doctor assured her and then went on his way.

Wu Zhang came to her and patted her shoulder, "Don't worry. She is fine."

"Wu Zhang, I need to take care of this matter. It was because of me, she got into danger today."

"My people are already looking into it. But they haven't found anything yet."

"I think we will have to wait till Wei Xin wakes up. But it's not good that you are exhausting yourself. Come, let's go and eat something." Wu Zhang dragged Song Jia to a restaurant nearby.

It was a small place, decorated in vintage chinese style and it's ambience gave a very warm feeling. He led her to a private room and asked her to order. Song Jia who had no appetite, spoke, "Wu Zhang, I am not quite hungry, I..."

Wu Zhang knew she was not going to order, so he turned to the waiter and said, "take our order for one ginger duck with honey and soy, sweet and sour pork ribs, Kung Pao Chicken..." and Wu Zhang went on until Song Jia finally stopped him.

"What do you think I am? A pig? Who is going to eat so much."

"You and I." Wh Zhang replied as a matter of fact.

"Wu Zhang I can't eat so much."

"Then eat whatever you like from the dishes." And then Wu Zhang signalled the waiter to leave.

Song Jia was feeling a little awkward as she sath their, Wu Zhang niticed her unease and asked, "What is wrong?"

Song Jia hesitated for a moment before she spoke, "I am not used to being take care of, so it a little new for me." she replied with an awkward smile.

"Then get used to it now." Wu Zhang looked deep in her eyes as he said those words. He knew Song Jia was broken deep down and was giving her best to show that she waa strong. But he also knew that everyone needed someone to be taken care of by them. He did not say much, but just those six words were enough to pull the string in Song Jia's heart and she was touched.

She smiled and sat their quietly, as their food started arriving after 10 minutes.

Wu Zhang placed a steak in his plate and cut it carefully, before placing it in Song Jia's plate. Song Jia was a little dumbfounded by this gesture. All she could manage to say was, "thank you."

As they ate quietly, Song Jia's thought moved to Feng Ying. They have dated for two years, yet he never did these things for her. It was always the other way around.

"What are you thinking?" Wu Zhang asked.

"Nothing much. Just random stuff." Song Jia did not answer his question directly.

"Don't think about him Song Jia. He waa not worth your time and efforts." Wu Zhang spoke with a look, that made him look like he could see through her thoughts.

"Who are you talking about?" Song Jia was puzzled.

"You know very well who I am talking about." After a moment of silence he spoke again, "Feng Ying."

As he said the name, the memories of last night flooded in Song Jia's mind. That is when she remembered, how she has told him everything after getting drunk.
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