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All the furniture in the building was covered with dust and cob webs. It looked like it has been desolate for a very long time. Song Jia looked around for the switches to turn the light on, but she could not find any.

"Wei Xin, are you here?" Song Jia asked cautiously, looking around. But they were greeted with silence in response.

"Are you sure we are at the right place?" she asked Wu Zhang.

"Yes, this is the location. Her phone must be nearby."

"Shall we try calling her again?" Li Jing suggested.

Song Jia called her again and this time, it rang. They also heard a phone ringing nearby.

"It's somewhere here. Look for it everywhere." Wu Zhang ordered his men.

Wu Zhang was closely walking around Song Jia, to make sure she was not afraid and won't hurt herself in the dark.

Following the ring of the phone, one of the men who has gone upstairs, to look around came out from a room and informed the others, "President, l have found the phone. But Miss Wei Xin is not around."

Everyone rushed upstairs to the room, where the phone was. The man handed the phone to Wu Zhang, who showed it to Song Jia. "This is her phone. Where is she?"

"We are looking, but we still can't find her." The man who has discovered the phone answered.

"Shall we look around outside?" Maybe she is not here." Song Jia suggested.

"Our people are looking everywhere. Their ain't much people living here. And most of the buildings are empty." Another man spoke.

As they were discussing, Li Jing shouted from the other room, "President, please come fast."

All the five people followed the direction of Li Jing's voice and entered the other room, which was next to the room, they have found Wei Xin's phone in.

It looked like a bed room, and at an arm chair placed next to the door, Wei Xin was stting. Wu Zhang flashed his light on her, her eyes were closed, and her face was tilted to her left. Her limbs were tied and her body had a few cuts. Seeing her condition, Song Jia rushed to her and untied the ropes, while Li Jing spoke, "She is unconcious. We should take her to the hospital."

"Yes." Song Jia nodded her head.

Wu Zhang came closer to Song Jia and patted her shoulder. "She is alright Jia, don't panic."

Song Jia was sobbing, it was the outcome of both relief and the fear she had a moment ago of loosing her friend.

Wu Zhang signalled Li Jing to take Wei Xin out and Song Jia stepped back to let him take her. She subconciously tucked Wu Zhang's sleeve as she stood their.

Wu Zhang wrapped his arm around her and said slowly, "Let's go."

Wei Xin was taken to a hospital nearby. Song Jia was worried about her all the way and Wu Zhang took the duty to comfort her.

"I did not expect to find her so easily. Atleast she is fine." Song Jia spoke after sometime.

"You really think we found her?" Wu Zhang questioned. Especially emphasizing on the word 'we'.

"What do you mean?" Song Jia found his question strange.

"We found her too easily. I think the people who took her wanted us to find her. And that is why we reached her this quick."

Song Jia was dumbstruck after hearing what Wu Zhang said. After she gave it a thought, she found his words reasonable and everything fell in place. Her phone was traced too easily, and they reached to her absoloutely without any barriers. Everything went too smoothly to be true.

"I think you are right, but if they wanted us to find her, why did they take her in first place?'

"That only Wei Xin can tell." Wu Zhang replied.
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