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Song Jia was too naive to understand the real intentions of Wu Zhang when he said those words, above all she found them reasonable too. So she nodded her head and ran towards her room.

After a minute, faint voice of a fabric being torn could be heard, and just after 2 minutes, the door to Song Jia's room flung open, and Song Jia came out dressed in a white top paired with black pants and an olive green leather jacket. She has just wore whatever she could lay her hands first on. This was probably the fastest, he had known a girl to change her clothes. Wu Zhang noticed the shreds of Song Jia's gown lying on the floor. Song Jia noticed his gaze as she explained while tying her hairs in a ponytail, "It was too troublesome to get out of it."

In other words, she was in a hurry to go find Wei Xin, so she tore off her dress. But Wu Zhang's thought started running wild. He has just imagined her doing it and started feeling hot. What a pervert. He had to admit he was being a pervert to think of such things at such crucial time. He hurriedly patted his chest lightly to calm himself down and said, "Let's go."

The three immediately reached the gate of the hotel and a black bugatti sportscar was waiting for them opposite the road. Li Jing got into the driver's seat while Wu Zhang and Song Jia hurriedly got in the back.

Song Jia peeped into Wu Zhang's phone on which it was showing the location of Wei Xin's mobile phone. The location was at the outskirts of the city and it would take them atleast an hour to reach their. But when Wu Zhang saw how panicked Song Jia was, he asked Li Jing to drive faster and Li Jing probably took it too seriously as they reached their in just 15 minutes.

It was a dark alley, and the sorrounding stunk of foul smell. All the three of them covered their mouths and nostrills. Wu Zhang thought Song Jia would not be able to take the smell, but to his surprise she was exceptionally normal, without complaining at all. Even Li Jing retched a few times, but she didn't.

Even though they had gone their in broad daylight but the alley was quite dark and cold. Just by the looks of it, it looked scary. As they took a step forward, three men, came after. They were in light coloured shirts and trousers, looking a little out of place. And Song Jia found them strange. The way they were scanning their sorrounding and they did not even look like people of this area. The area was very underdeveloped and people residing here were poor, whereas the three men were dressed quite decently.

"Are you scared?" Wu Zhang asked Song Jia.

"No, we need to find her."

"Ok, we are almost their." Wu Zhang said pointing at an old building in their diagnol left."

They rushed towards the building and the men followed them. Song Jia could no longer keep her suspicion to herself as she whispered in Wu Zhang's ear, "Wu Zhang, we are being followed."

Without even turning his head, Wu Zhang spoke, "They are my people. Just in case we need back up. They are spread everywhere in this area."

Song Jia could not help, but be impressed by his far seightedness. Had it been her taking shots, she would have come here alone, jumping right into the trap of death.

As they reached the entrance of the building, Li Jing pulled out a gun from behind his waist, and scanned the area carefully. After finding nothing wrong nearby, he slowly opened the door. He opened a little to peep inside while Wu Zhang held tightly on Song Jia's hand.

Soon they entered the building. It had no source of light and it was pitch dark inside, except for the light pentrating through the open door.

It took them a minute to adjust their sight to the darkness, before they could see a little. The three men also came inside and turned on a torch, to look around .

They were standing in the front of what looked like a very spacious hall with super high ceiling. Except for the sound of their footsteps, their was no other sound. Song Jia was finally scared.
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