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Wu Zhang ran out of the room hurriedly, the panicked tone Song Jia has used to talk, was enough to scare him. Her voice was hoarse when she spoke, probably because she has just woken up. Seeing Wu Zhang in such rush, Li Jing also followed after him to find that he was going to Song Jia's suite. The door was unlocked, so Wu Zhang directly barged in only to find Song Jia in the same gown from last night, the expression on her face was complex and she was continously trying to call someone, her appearance was messy.

"What happened?" Wu Zhang asked worriedly.

"Wu Zhang, Wei Xin is missing." Song Jia said trying to call her again. "I have been trying to contact her, but the call won't go trhough." she tucked his sleeve as she spoke.

"When did you see her last?"

"Last night, I woke up twenty minutes back, and have been trying to search for her." Song Jia was worried and her expression turned more and more complex with every word she spoke.

"We had a flight back to C City at 9 am, but she did not come to wake me, so i guess she has been missing since morning."

"Or maybe all night." Wu Zhang spoke thinking something

Horror struck Song Jia's face as she heard those words, "What do you mean all night?"

"I brought you back a little before dawn, and her room was empty even then." Wu Zhang had gone to her room, to ask her to change Song Jia's clothes, but she was not in her room, so he had left, not giving it much thought.

In a split second, Wu Zhang pulled out his phone and called a number, which rang just outside the suite, and in the next minute Li Jing appeared. He was waiting outside as he thought it was inappropriate to enter her suite.

"Send someone to look for Wei Xin, she..." Wu Zhang was speaking, when Song Jia interrupted him. She spoke hesitantly.

"Actually, I think, Wei Xin has been taken because of me."

"What do you mean?" Wu Zhang looked puzzled.

Song Jia looked a little unsure as she spoke and narrated the entire incident of Director Jiang and the nurse to Wu Zhang and Li Jing.

"Are you mad?" Wu Zhang shouted angrilly. It was very rare for him to loose temper like this. Although he was usually cold but he rarely yelled like this. " Don't you have brains, you knew your life was in danger, yet you chose to stay. Why?" Only he knew, how horrid he was feeling at that moment.

"I.." Song Jia was at a loss of words, seeing him so angry, she could not dare to reason with him.

Wu Zhang ignored her and turned to Li Jing, "Send the Z team to look into this matter." Z team was the special intelligence force specially trained to serve Wu family. They were far more capable then the other top intelligence agencies operating in the city and were highly efficient with one thousand percent success rate.

"Yes Sir" Li Jing nodded his head and stepped aside to make calls, while Wu Zhang went to warm some ginger water for Song Jia and brought it to her.

"Drink this, you look like you have a headache."

"Thank you." Song Jia accepted the cup and sat down on a couch nearby with her head hung low sipping on its content very slowly, with worry written all over her face.

"Don't worry, she will be fine." Wu Zhang did not know how to comfort her. He knew how important Wei Xin was to Song Jia. Probably she was her only friend since the time she has taken over as the president of Song International Corporations.

Five minutes had hardly passed when Li Jing came back, "President, we have traced the location of her phone."

Song Jia's eyes brightened as she heard those words and threw away the cup in her hands as she sprang up on her feet. "Let's go."

Wu Zhang looked at her, "You are going to go like this?"

Song Jia bowed her head to glance at herself, as she spoke, "We need to rush."

"If we got into more problem, will you be able to carry yourself in such clothes?" The main reason, he tried to convince her was because, her clothes were too revealing and he did not want others to ogle at her like last night. He had noticed a lot of people staring at Song Jia in the party and he had really wanted to pluck out their eyes.
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