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Wu Zhang was buried under work behind his big Dalbergia desk in his office, with no care of the outside world. His hawk eyes were moving over the words printed on the document in his hand and his right hand which held a pen, was marking and encircling the points as and where he felt it was needed.

He was so lost in his work that he didn't realize that the sun was already setting which was clearly visible from the floor-to-ceiling window which was at the west end of the enormous cabin.

The blue sky was painted in fiery hues of violet, orange, and red that was spread everywhere as the sun moved lower and lower to hide in order to let the night spill its dark black ink and engulf all the other colors of the sky within it.

Li Jing who was also inside the cabin, organizing his files looked at the weather outside,  and felt like weeping out loud as his boss was making him work when the weather was so nice and it was already time to leave.

He took a glance at his boss, who had just started reading a fifty-page contract and the number of files still pending on his table told him that he seemed to have no intention of going back home or excusing him anytime soon either.

With every passing second, all he wondered was if his boss ever got tired.

As Wu Zhang flipped to the next page, his concentration broke to only bring a smile on his expressionless face that was a usual outcome now after hearing the ringtone he has set for Song Jia's call.

Seeing the smile and the caller, Li Jing felt like the Gods had shown mercy to him because now he could see the hopes of going back to his wife soon and not get nagged by her for always coming back home late.

Without wasting any more time Wu Zhang picked up the mobile phone that was lying neglected on his desk, not even waiting for Li Jing to pass it to him and answered the call the very next moment.

Before he could hear her voice he was greeted by the faint buzzing sound of wind blowing in the background

"Are you still working?" was the first question that Song Jia usually asked when she called him during the evening time when everyone was supposed to leave the workplace and this time as well was no different.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"No, was just wrapping my work for the day." came the swift response which was a white lie that made Li Jing look at his boss with his mouth agape.

The next moment, Wu Zhang flicked his wrist in Li Jing's direction, signaling him to wind up his work for the day without looking at him. Li Jing understood the signal and immediately dropped the work that he was doing. He literally ran to his desk to wrap up his work, afraid that his workaholic boss might change his mind any given minute. 

"Oh- okay..." Song Jia replied awkwardly after a moment of short pause. 

"Are you okay?" Wu Zhang asked with a tinge of worry in his voice. She sounded a bit different than usual and if he was right then, she seemed.... nervous, but why?

"Yeah, yes yes. I am fine! I am fine!" She laughed awkwardly as she replied, which made Wu Zhang even more suspicious. 

"Are you sure?" He continued badgering to make sure she was speaking the truth.

"Yeah... just... aah!" Song Jia yelped and then came a splash sound after which the call got disconnected, bringing Wu Zhang's heart to his throat.

"Hello... Xiao Jia are you okay?.... Hello" He pulled back the phone to see the display which showed that the call was disconnected and it immediately got him worried, his anxiety knowing no bounds.

The last time something similar happened, it was very bad news. He didn't want anything similar to happen again. He dialed her number again but it was out of reach, deepening the frown on his forehead which he didn't realize till now that it was present.

He ran his fingers through his hair before he snapped his neck to look at Li Jing who was already pulling out his tablet from the bag kept nearby, knowing what his boss' next command would be, "Track her location right now!"

He nodded and immediately got to work, while Wu Zhang pushed back his swivel chair to get up from it and dashed straight towards the door, to go find her and Li Jing followed behind him while his fingers still worked on the tablet in his hand.

In the meanwhile, he didn't forget to give Wu Zhang's driver a call to tell him to pull over the car near the exit as the boss was in a hurry and would bite anyone's head if the future lady boss lost even a strand of her hair.

When Wu Zhang and Li Jing reached downstairs, the black Bentley was standing in front of the gate. Li Jing rushed forward to open the door for his boss and once he did, he hopped in the shotgun seat himself.

As the car moved on the way to the Song International Corporation, Li Jing found the location where her number was last active at.

"Her last location is East Hill Lake," he informed Wu Zhang who was sitting at the back seat, punching on the call symbol next to Song Jia's name, again and again, to only hear the operator telling that it was switched off. 

His hand paused when Li Jing mentioned the lake. 'What was she doing there?' was the first thought that came to his mind. However, all he said was to "turn the car around" while he propped his arm at his thigh and lowered his head to pinch his glabella. 

The driver continued driving forward to reach the next U-turn, however, Wu Zhang was not patient enough to wait. "Stop the car!" He barked leaning forward and with such a loud command the driver reflexively hit the brakes and the car halted with a loud screech in the middle of the road, making the car behind it almost bump into it.
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