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When love beckons twice 237 You Are Looking For The Wrong Clue

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A vast spread of dishes laid on the big dining table of the Wu Mansion containing a combination of both Chinese as well as Western breakfast. Wu Zhang was sitting at his usual place, at the head of the table whereas Wu Zihao was on his right, leaving a gap of two chairs in between them. 

Wu Zhang looked at the empty staircase, waiting for Song Jia to come down as it had become their routine to have their breakfast together. He glanced at his watch again and it was already fifteen minutes past eight and she was nowhere in sight.

"Where is Xiao Jia?" He asked the maid who was standing a few feet away from the table, with her head bowed down respectfully, not looking the young masters in the eye.

"Miss Song left early for work today. She seemed to be in a hurry." The maid answered politely.

"Did she eat anything?" He asked again.

"Yes, she left after having breakfast." Wu Zhang nodded at her response and then started to eat. He never asked her to slack off from work, but he never liked it when she skipped her meals for it as well, therefore he always made sure that she was fell fed.

Wu Zhang nodded and then turned his head to continue eating. He was although not sure but he felt like the maid was smiling when he turned his head away.

He snapped his neck to look again but by then she had pulled a straight face with no trace of any smile on it.

He shook his head and continued eating. Wu Zihao who was also present on the table gave a faint smile but said nothing.

Wu Zhang lifted his head again and this time caught him smiling at that moment. "What is so funny?" He asked feeling irritated.

He had the vibe that there was something going on which everyone knew about, except him and it was annoying him to the core because his brother was also included, but he wasn't.

"Nothing, why do you ask?" Wu Zihao asked suppressing his smile. He had been trying to find out what had happened to Jin Qingling when she was gone and when Fei Rong gave him the clues on what had possibly happened, he had come back to find out all the details before going back to her again.

It was after coming here that he overheard Song Jia planning something special for Wu Zhang. He couldn't believe his dense friend would turn out to be such a romantic. 

Being the giant mouth he was, he could not hold his excitement and told everyone about it, thankfully he excluded Wu Zhang for obvious reasons. He didn't want to be trashed by her for spoiling her surprise of course.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

He was even though upset about his own life, but like a true friend he was, he was happy for his childhood friend and his brother.

"What about the girl you went to look for?" By the girl, he meant Jin Qingling. Even though Wu Zihao didn't tell him about going to see her, nothing went unnoticed from Wu Zhang about his family as well as his enemies.

The smile on Wu Zihao's face faltered with her mention. She was the only person who had the capability to mess with his head and heart.

Just the thought that they were not together anymore and she had moved on with someone else in life, made him tighten his grip on the chopsticks he held, snapping them into half.

His jaw clenched and with squinted eyes, that were inexplicably dark he answered in a deep voice. "I am still investigating. Something happened with her while she was gone and I need to find it out before I try to get her back."

"What did you manage to find?" Wu Zhang asked as he took a bite of his steamed stuff bun.

"Nothing yet." Wu Zihao said with agony in his voice.

"You have one of the best detective working for you who is also one of the most capable hackers, and yet you could find nothing? If it is so, you are looking for the wrong clue." With those words, Wu Zhang wiped his mouth with the napkin that was on his lap and got up from his chair, leaving his younger brother deep in thought.
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