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In the enormous master bedroom of the presidential suite, situated on the top floor of the multi-storey hotel building Wu Zihao lay on his bed. His fingers were dancing on the keyboard of his laptop, which abruptly stopped when his phone rang.

He tilted his head to glance at the screen, which displayed Fei Rong's name. He gave a small smile as he was expecting the call a few hours later. However, he knew this man never missed the deadline he was given and was still as efficient as ever, which was why he gave him the task in the first place itself.

Putting his laptop aside on the bed, he answered the call in a heartbeat as he got off the bed and went to stand in front of the floor-to-ceiling window which overlooked the entire Yang Town that was covered under the blanket of snow far and wide.

"What did you find out?" He jumped straight to the point, without wasting any time.

"I hacked the CCTV footage of the entire C City to see the videos of the time period when she could have possibly been attacked and I managed to find the particular clip. It means what Jin Qinglong told you is actually true. She was indeed attacked by a bunch of goons."

The veins on Wu Zihao's throat popped as he clenched his jaw and his eyes scrunched. He tightened his palm into a fist that itched to punch the nearest wall and the feeling only grew stronger as his anger boiled.

"Who did it? Tell me! Who were those men?" He hissed from between his teeth, his voice turning a few octaves lower, and his anger rising in the same proportion.

Fei Rong pressed his lips before speaking again, "The place where the incident took place was like a blind spot. Even the closest CCTV footage was also a good distance away from that spot and all the men involved had their faces covered. So it's impossible to say who did it."

What Fei Rong said, indicated only one thing and it didn't take time for Wu Zihao to understand what it was. Whoever was behind it, had planned out everything meticulously to make sure no ends were left loose.

"And did you try to trace Jin Qinggee's movement for that time?" He asked after a short pause.

Fei Rong nodded his head from the other end. "Yes, I did. Her records are clean. I checked everything from her bank statement to her call records and her whereabouts during that time but there was nothing suspicious." 

"I got it." With those words, Wu Zihao hung up. He was astonished as to who wanted to break them apart and he was equally disappointed at the same time to have met a dead end.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

He wanted to find a lead to be able to unfold what happened with her behind his back, but he ended up at a dead-end with nothing but utter disappointment.
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