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To proceed with the meeting further, Song Jia spoke up. "Since the position of the director of design has vacated, I would like to fill the vacancy in this very meeting itself."

"But president, this is an important position—" an executive who tried to speak was cut off in between by Song Jia.

"I know how important this position is Director Li. And I have already made careful considerations before filling the vacancy." Even though her words were polite, her tone reeked no room for any argument. It clearly told who the boss was.

Afraid of facing the wrath of their president, no one dared to interfere again and Song Jia continued. "I had already anticipated this outcome and therefore I also had a candidate in mind for this position." She then turned her attention to another man in the meeting room whom she had called especially. "Mr. Mu, for how long have you worked in the design department?"

Mr. Mu was a short man in his late forties who was sitting at the far end of the table from Song Jia. He straightened his back and answered immediately, "for twelve years now."

"So from now on, you will be the director of your department." Song Jia announced. "Proceeding further, does anyone else has any queries?"

In response to her question, the Vice President spoke up, "President the IT department of the company has not been performing really well. Since the old director retired, our security software has been slacking and the results have not been up to the par as we cannot still find any suitable person to take the position."

"If we don't have suitable employees in the company, fire them and hire new people. I don't spend so much money on the department to hear this outcome." Everyone nodded to this. "Meeting dismissed." Saying this she got up and walked out of the meeting room as she had another meeting to take care of.o 

It was almost nine when both the meetings ended.

Song Jia glanced at her watch and decided to rush back home before the devil arrived. She already went against his words and now didn't want to be late to anger him more.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

That way she would at least have an excuse that she didn't overwork.

Song Jia wrapped up her work as fast as she could and arrived at her personal parking lot. The driver from the morning was waiting outside her Ferrari with his head lowered. She glanced at him and her sharp mind immediately registered that his physique looked much more built and his frame seemed taller than that from in the morning.

She looked around the parking lot to see if there was anyone else present, in case it was an ambush while her hand slyly reached inside her purse.

She scrunched her brows and carefully took a step backward. Her keen eyes were observing every movement of the man dressed in the driver's uniform like a hawk. "Who are you?"

The hand that was opening the back door of her car stopped and the man lifted his head to reveal his face. "Miss Song I am Xiu Liang."

Song Jia pondered for the name for over a minute as it sounded somewhat familiar. With her guard still not lowered, she tried to recall where she had possibly heard of this name.

After a moment she took a sigh of relief when she finally remembered who the man was. He was a secretary from Wu Zhang's team. 

However, her breath hitched when she finally realized what his presence meant. If he was here, then Wu Zhang was also most probably here. All her bravery had now fled out of the window with the thought of Wu Zhang, but she still managed to gather some courage to ask, "Why... are you here?"

"To take you home Miss Song." The driver answered and opened the rear door of the car for her to enter.

Song Jia could already feel the gush of chilling winds emanating from the car and hitting her face, making her feel cold all of a sudden. She wasn't sure if she should step inside and face the angry wife or just run back to the office. Because the freezing winds of the north have confirmed his presence

"Step inside darling, let's go home." The calm voice of the beast echoed in the empty parking lot, giving Song Jia goosebumps.

Soon after the cold voice, a pair of long legs, covered under expensive suit pants stepped out of the car, followed by a very handsome face, which made Song Jia cower slightly.

She nervously looked at his devilishly handsome face, and her attention, first of all, moved to his naturally pink lips, that were pressed in a thin line expressing his displeasure. His hair that was neatly combed back in the morning now seemed ruffled due to constant;y running his fingers between them.

His face even though looked expressionless, his eyes had a tinge of warmth that she knew was exclusively reserved for her out of everyone in the world. It was the trademark of his love for her and the thought of it always made her melt inside

No matter how hard he tried to be angry with her, those eyes always deceived him, screaming to her how much he loved him. The aloofness that this man otherwise beheld for the rest of the world, it was actually very surprising to see him holding such adoration for someone.

Song Jia at first panicked a bit but as quick-witted as she was, she immediately pulled on a calm facade and gave him her best smile. "You are here? How did you find out that I was missing you terribly?!"

Her words worked as a catalyst and Wu Zhang felt his anger slowly washing away. He knew what tricks she could pull so he was trying his best to avoid looking in her eyes which he knew would have right now turned into the best version of a dear's eyes that anyone could pull.
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