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When love beckons twice 233 Complete Turn Of Unexpected Events

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With a very small smile on his lips, Yue Min nodded his head and reached for the inner pocket of his coat to pull out a white manilla envelope. With few heavy steps, he was standing an arm's distance away from where Song Jia was seated.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

He extended the envelope in her direction and respectfully placed it on the desk in front of her. Song Jia realized the small change in his behavior and the corner of her lips curved up, so slight that no one could spot it. She was amused to see the haughtiness was all gone. 

Wei Xin picked up the envelope and opened it for Song Jia to reveal a letter from inside it. When her eyes fell on the content of it, she was utterly shocked. If she were not in the meeting room, in front of so many people, she would have surely rubbed her eyes and blinked them multiple times to confirm that she what she saw was not a part of her imagination.

After schooling her expression and preventing her jaw from dropping to the floor, she passed the letter from her hand to Song Jia who seemed totally unfazed. 

Yue Min was quick enough to notice the shocked expression on Wei Xin' face who had composed herself way too quick to get noticed by everyone. However Yue Min didn't miss it and feeling his gaze on her, Wei Xin turned to look at him with a confused face.

Their eyes met and Yue Min's expression was blank, but what Wei Xin felt was different today was that his eyes were not arrogant anymore. I guess I read it right then. She brushed off the thoughts from her mind, slightly shook her head and turned her attention back to Song Jia who looked as calm as a clam.

Song Jia folded the letter after she read it and casually placed it back on the table. Her lips had a harmless smile, and she looked very relaxed. It was quite hard to decipher her thoughts from the look on her face.

"So you are submitting your resignation, Director Yue?" 

In his response, Yue Min just nodded his head with a small "yes".

All the people present, had their ears perked and their eyes widened. What did she just say? The sly fox has... resigned?!

It was quite a shocker for everyone present.

Never had they expected for Yue Min to resign on his own motion from the company. They actually thought he and his sister would not leave unless they sucked in the entire company, but what happened right now was a complete turn, of entirely unexpected events.

"Are you sure you want to do it?" Song Jia probed again and Yue Min yet again just nodded in a "yes".

Good thing they were smart enough to catch the hints she had dropped by using her grandfather's men. She had got an investigation done to find out the extent of involvement of the father and son in Yue Min's plotting.

And she was not surprised to find out that they were merely her pawns whom she was using as stepping stones to climb the heights of her goals and they were actually not even aware of the most of her scheming that she had been doing behind their back.

Because they were not very actively involved and had not done anything major, she decided to give them a chance to escape from this mess and hence when she found out that Yue Tianxiao was looking for his aunt, she got one of Song Guang's most trusted men to lead the way for his investigation.

And thankfully he was smart enough to connect the dots and find out the truth behind the disappearance of Yue Ling.

And good for them that they understood what the repercussions of their actions could be and already backed out at the right time, without getting her to step into the mess.

Otherwise, she was already prepared to destroy them with just a flick of her finger, and the damage would have been irreversible.

Good for them that they surrendered on their own.

"Since you have mentioned that it is due to your personal reasons which you would not want to disclose her, I would as well not pester you to do it. I hope this is your final decision Mr. Yue and you would not regret it later on?" Not even for a moment, her eyes left his face, observing his every little movement and his body language very carefully.

"I have never been more confident about my choices. I have thought over carefully about everything so my decision is final. Please accept my resignation Boss." Yue Min answered looking right back into her eyes with confidence and his thoughts very clear. He knew this had to be done to prevent not only himself but also his family from Song Jia's wrath that was after them like a wounded lioness.

"If that is the case, then I would not stop you from leaving. I accept your resignation and hope you have a good life ahead." Not like he was expecting her to convince him to stay either.

Therefore he just nodded his head and murmured a thank you.

With that Song Jia approved the application and handed it to Wei Xin. "You can clear your dues from the finance department today itself."

Yue Min nodded, turned around and then left as he had no reason to stay back anymore. He had already forsaken his ties from the company and as expected the formalities were all taken care of really quick. So he was done for good here.

Song Jia's purpose for holding the meeting with the executives was already fulfilled without having to do anything as Yue Min resigned on his own. So as planned, she proceeded the meeting further to appoint another director in the place of the resigning as she had already anticipated for this to happen.
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