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By the time she finished reading the reports, the car had pulled outside the Company. Her long legs came out first, followed by her entire body as she stepped out of the car that had stopped in her personal parking.

With her slender long legs, every footstep creating a clicking sound from her high heels, she sauntered straight to her office, where Wei Xin was already waiting for her and took her seat on the high swivel chair.

"Have you looked for everything?" She extended her hand to take a look at the file in Wei Xin's hand.

"Yes." Wei Xin nodded and passed the file to her. She took a quick glance at it and her lips stretched into a wicked smile. It was finally time to throw out that brother of her step-mother from the company.

While she was going through the files, on the floor right below the top floor where Song Jia's office was, a man was sitting in his cabin and sweating profusely even with the chilling centralized air conditioning system. 

He had his cell phone in hand and his son on the other end was talking continuously and he was wiping his forehead every now and then with the white handkerchief in his hand, as he stared outside the floor-to-ceiling window. "Dad, that old man has been in the hospital for the past 4 days now and although he is out of danger now, his condition was very critical."

"So what has it got to do with us?" Yue Min asked as he felt an ominous feeling rising in his heart, all he hoped was that it should not turn out to be what he was thinking it to be.

The reason behind such feeling was very obvious, Yue Ling, his sister was missing since the same time this father and daughter duo were hospitalized. 

All he prayed was that it to not have anything to do with Yue Ling, because if that happened he will also have to suffer the repercussions of the actions of his sister, which he was not quite willing to.

However, his calm broke with the words that Yue Tianxiao spoke next. "Aunt has been missing and I have got some traces which hint that she has been held captive in the Wu's underworld base."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"What?!" Yue Min's heart started accelerating when Wu's underworld base was mentioned. "Why would Wu Zhang step in for that fool? Since when did he start caring so much for him?"

"It was not to take revenge for the old fool, but for Song Jia. If my sources are accurate, then aunt has tried to attack Song Jia, but rather ended up stabbing her own husband."

Yue Min's anxiety knew no bounds after he heard what has actually happened. He gnashed his teeth hard and in an irritated tone questioned his son, "Are your sources even reliable?"

No wonder Song Jia called for such an urgent meeting! It was surely to bring hell upon him!

"Yes, they are. It has taken a lot of effort from my men to extract this information from old geezer, Song Guang's men.

Yue Min felt his heart sinking and more crystal beads like sweat collected on his forehead. This is the end! The battle was lost by them!

"Dad, are you listening?" Yue Tianxiao spoke from the other end when he got no response from his father for quite a while.

Yue Min glanced at the watch on his wrist and realized he had only ten minutes before the meeting would commence. He could already see his doom and it seemed inevitable to avoid it now.

It was too late!

Now with his sister torn out of the picture, it was his turn to face the wrath of the people scorned. He never expected his sister to be so foolish and dare to attack Song Jia who had Wu Zhang protecting her like a wild beast not letting anyone touch even a strand of Song Jia's hair.

What was she even thinking when she attacked her?!

"Hang up now. I will have to think of something to minimize the damage of this storm before it hits us." Without waiting for his son to respond or to even give him the time to grasp the meaning of his words, Yue Min hung up the phone.

He tossed it on his table and turned his laptop on and in the next minute, his fingers were furiously dancing on the keyboard as he sat down to work, his eyes glued to the screen and all his focus located to the words he was typing.

Back in her office, after giving the file back to Wei Xin, Song Jia smiled. "He was lucky enough to not be a part of it."

stood up from her chair and waltzed her way to the meeting room where everyone was already seated around the oval mahogany conference table.

When Song Jia switched to her work mode, the suppressing aura that she emanated was hard to stand against. Her presence felt too overbearing and no one would dare to go against her at that moment. 

Her presence was enough to make uncountable men feel like they are a piece of trash in front of her, and their levels at which they stood were beyond comparison.

She sauntered to the tall swivel chair that was placed at the head of the table for her and Wei Xin followed behind her to stand a step behind her chair.

She glanced at everyone who was present and found the seat of a particular person empty. "Where is Director Yue?"

"He is—" before another director could answer, the door to the meeting room was pushed open and Yue Min stepped in with shoulders slouched and his walk so tired as if he had lost all strength from his body.

"Director Yue you are late." Song Jia commented in a very relaxed voice as she leaned back on her chair.

"Well... I had some urgent matter to take care of." Yue Min answered in a very modest tone. All his haughtiness gone out of the window.

"And what was it?" Song Jia asked again as she fidgeted with the pen that was kept in front of her and a relaxed smile rested on her lips.
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