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A black Bugatti was waiting outside the hospital gates and Li Jing was standing next to it waiting for his boss and lady boss to come out. He bowed and then opened the door for them when he saw them coming.

Song Jia gave a polite smile back in response while Wu Zhang merely just nodded his head in acknowledgment before both of them got inside the car and the blinds were raised up by Li Jing as soon as he got in.

Inside the car, Song Jia scooted closer to Wu Zhang and linked her arm with his before placing her head on his broad shoulder. 

Wu Zhang was pleasantly surprised by her action because it was very rare for her to initiate such small intimate moments. He turned his head in her direction and planted a small kiss on her hair, inhaling her fragrance, which always worked wonders on him.

Song Jia's face was lowered due to which, Wu Zhang missed the silly yet sweet smile that her lips had stretched into.

She had finally realized that she was in love and this feeling was ecstatic. It felt just too beautiful to be put in words and she couldn't wait to tell Wu Zhang about it. However, she decided to do it the next day at midnight as that day was in a way special. It would mark six months since they met each other for the first time and therefore she thought the occasion would be perfect.

But she didn't want it to be a plain and simple confession like any regular one. She wanted it to be a memorable one. He had always made her feel special and important, so now it was her turn to return the favor and she didn't want to leave any stone unturned in doing so.

She had grown up watching an uncountable number of Korean dramas for a major part of her teenage years and had a lot of ideas to bring the thoughts in her mind into reality.

The only difference would be that this time it would be the female lead going an extra mile to confess her love rather than the male lead.

The thought made her feel giddy as he was special to her and he for once deserved to be at the receiving end of that extra effort.

She was lost in her own thoughts and didn't even realize when the car pulled outside the Wu Mansion.

When Wu Zhang saw her not making any move to step out, he gently nudged her to bring her out of her la-la land and smiled at her. "We are home, sweetheart." 

Song Jia lifted her head to look outside the window and felt a little embarrassed, she gave out an awkward chuckle to cover it up. "Yes. we are."

"Go inside now and rest well, okay?" Wu Zhang looked at her in the eye. His words were more of a command than a request.

"Don't worry, I will." She smiled and planted a quick peck on his cheek, before hopping out of the car to walk inside the mansion. Wu Zhang saw her retreating figure and chuckled to himself before Li Jing turned the car around to drive to the Wu Corporations.

Wu Zhang although felt the slight change in Song Jia's behavior, he didn't have even the slightest hint of what was awaiting him.

Song Jia went inside the mansion and gave Wei Xin a call, who answered it on the third ring. "What is on my itinerary for today and tomorrow?"

"Well... there are two meetings lined up, one for today and the other for tomorrow that need your presence. And other than that the quarterly reports are pending your review. I have taken care of the rest." Wei Xin answered. She was not only an efficient personal assistant but also a very reliable friend who would always take care of things for Song Jia even without being told.

"What time are the meetings scheduled for?" 

"The meeting with the executives is scheduled for the first half tomorrow and the one with the sales department is to take place today. I have made arrangements for it to take happen through a conference call as you had asked."

Song Jia took a glance at her watch which showed the time to be twelve o' clock. "Mail me the reports in five minutes and for the executive's meeting, push it forward at 4 pm in the evening. I will attend both the meetings personally and call the meeting with the sales department to start in an hour. I will be there."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"You have just come back from the hospital, shouldn't you rest for a bit?"

Song Jia rolled her eyes at the question. "That is all I have done for three days in the hospital. And since dad is also at the hospital, a lot of work requires my attention."


"Also find out if there is any involvement of Yue Min and his son in this matter." Song Jia hung up after giving directions to Wei Xin. Now that the matter with Yue Ling was taken care of, she needed to kick out the pests in the company as well, and for that, she had to be personally present.

She was sure feeling a little guilty for not keeping her words, but this was an important matter that had to be handled as soon as possible.

She took her laptop and other required paper and material, before heading back downstairs.

Old butler Mingli saw Song Jia coming in his direction and he headed straight to greet her. "Miss Song, would you like to eat something?"

"It's alright uncle Mingli. I am just going out for a while and I will eat there. Thank you. Just send a driver with me."

The old butler nodded his head and bowed to which in return she gave a polite smile and immediately headed outside, where her Ferrari was parked outside the main mansion, waiting for her.

As soon as she climbed in, she opened her laptop and started going through all the documents that she had asked Wei Xin to mail her, while the driver started the car. "Head to Song International Corporations please."

She was even though, in a hurry to finish her work as soon as possible and then focus on something way more important, her hawk-like scrutiny didn't miss on any of the details in the report.
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