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Wu Zhang arrived at the hospital at sharp 11 am when Song Jia was to get her discharge. He was sitting beside her on the bed as the team of doctors was performing the final examination on her.

"I am telling you all this is not needed, I am fine." She whined because this room was annoying her now. She wanted to go to the company and work. It was not inside her to sit back idle and do nothing.

"Let them check first and then we'll know if you are fine or not." Wu Zhang answered with a small smile, leaving no room for argument.

"Fine!" She snapped under her breath and then exhaled annoyingly, but gave in eventually because this man who was more of a child was too stubborn to fight.

"Mr. Wu, your girlfriend is completely fine and you can take her home whenever you want. There is no need for her to stay here anymore." The senior-most doctor who was leading the examination stepped forward to report.

She was in reality completely fine, to begin with, just that her body needed some rest to recover from the fatigue and exhaustion that had come her way from all the physical and mental exertion and she could have received it at home as well. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

But Wu Zhang had become really worried and there was no one in the hospital who would dare to tell him that, and hence she ended up spending three days in the hospital. 

"Alright, you can go home, but you are not allowed to go and work. You will stay back at home and rest." Wu Zhang declared his verdict. "You look weak."

Song Jia felt like banging her head in a wall out of frustration from the action of this stubborn child. "I will not stay back at home with caps lock on!" 

"You need to rest—"

"Zhang I am fine... tell him please?" She turned to the doctors for help, who just shrugged their shoulders in helplessness, because no one wanted to offend him.

"Zhang please I will go crazy at home, doing nothing." When she saw that nothing was going to help her, she decided to resort to her last option, the puppy face.

She propped her chin on her arm that was resting on her thigh, stared at him in the eyes without breaking the contact. She then started blinking her eyelids at small intervals and protruded her lower lips, creating a small pout and even without trying much, she looked like an innocent puppy who was just too adorable to be ignored.

Wu Zhang's lips twitched, and he was short of words. He was quite surprised to see this side of her and he hated o admit it, but it was working!

Damn it! Don't lose focus!

Song Jia noticed the slight changes in his strict demeanor and she knew she will succeed soon. She went closer to him and held his hands, drawing small circles on the back of his palm with her thumb while her eyes never left his for even a moment.

"Pretty please..." Her melodious singsong voice was the final nail in the coffin and Wu Zhang gave in. 

"But you won't go to the company. Tell your secretary to bring your work at home and don't overexert yourself. And do not forget to take rest with caps lock on!" He repeated her words in a defeated tone and it only made her giggle.

Even though he was slightly disappointed for her not listening to him, her breathtaking giggle that flashed her perfect shaped teeth, worked its wonders on him, tickling his heart, forcing it to somersault in his chest

After finishing the examination, Song Jia got off the bed and both of them started walking towards the door. Wu Zhang extended his hand and linked his fingers with her as they walked to the parking.

The small gesture made Song Jia skip a heartbeat and her lips stretched in a small smile. These little things were what made her feel so secure with him.

Not only the small things he did for her, but everything that he did for her made her realize how important she was to him. All the effort he made for her to expose Yue Ling had touched her heart.

She knew he did everything only because it was important for her and it had no other reason. His priority was to keep her happy and safe and for that to happen he was willing to stake everything he had.

While she was in the hospital for these three days, other than thinking about Song Chen, she had given a lot of thought to her relationship with him.

The man walking beside her, ever since they met had stayed by her side through all thicks and thins that came her way, he supported her when she went weak, shielded her from the storm that was meant to destroy her and helped her to stand back tall and in her full glory, making sure he was there to hold her if in case her knees went weak.

A man who loved her so selflessly without ever demanding anything from her in return, who had everything one could wish for and yet he was willing to shower her with it. Not only that, all that mattered to him was that it should be her who must not lack anything. 

How could she not fall in love with the man who loved her so much that he was willing to give up on everything for her in a heartbeat? 

She wanted to resist her feelings for him initially because she was scared. She wanted to prevent herself from getting hurt again in this game of love but her heart had already declared its stance and there was no going back now.

Even though she didn't want it, her heart had still decided who its new owner was going to be against her will and she had no choice but to give in to her stupid heart again.

Not that she was not happy about it, and after everything she went through, she knew the little thing that beats rapidly inside her chest had given itself in safe hands this time and it was time to let the new owner know about it.
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