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Father Song would never even in his dream, think that Song Jia would be able to go out with Wu Zhang. So it was obvious that he wouldn't be able to join the dots. Hearing his question Zhu Bohai could only ask one question, "Are you for real, Song Chen?" He was amused how could Song Chen ask such silly question.

Song Chen was quiet for a moment, as he processed his brain and even though he expected the answer to be a big no, he somehow hesitantly managed to ask, "Are you by any chance talking about the Young Master of Wu Corporations?"

"Obviously I am talking about him, which other Wu do you think your pretty daughter would go out with."

Song Chen's jaw dropped as he heard those words. He could not believe what he just heard and ask again, "Are you speaking the truth, tell me everything?"

"You really are something, don't even know about your own daughter..." Song Chen turned awkwardly silent hearing the remark, while Zhu Bohai, told him about the last night as he finally added, "...It was a shame, I could not go and meet her, the time I was about to approach her, she had already left."

After the call ended, Song Chen decided to give Song Jia a phone call, he held his phone while debating if he should call or not. He was happy that his daughter has found a man worthy of her, but he did not know if things were really the way he was thinking them to be. Above all, the most important issue right now was if they were still father and daughter.

In the past 22 years, he had never even for once looked at Song Jia like his daughter, he had never loved her. After his first wife Liu Anna has left them, he thought Song Jia to be a curse in his life and has never thereafter done anything for her that a father was supposed to do. Song Jia has tried her best to seek his attention, and feel his fatherly love but he never gave her a second glance. She was non existent to him. Now when he would sit back and think about the past, he realised, he has failed in his duties as a father miserably. He had not been with his daughter in the hardest part of her life. He has missed her childhood and the major part of her youth, and most likely he would miss her future as well. Was he still worthy of being called her father? After a long internal battle, he decided not to call her, because he did not know with what right he would speak to her.

--- Wu Zhang's suite, N City---

Wu Zhang was fast asleep in his bed. He was so happy to have been able to spend a night with Song Jia, his heart felt content. Although he knew she did not love him, but she has showed him her deepest emotions, that she would never show to anyone. That made him feel special. And the most important thing, he got to kiss her. Although he 'stole' the kiss, but he was shamelessly happy about it. After all she was one day going to be Mrs. Wu. He had jumped in joy, after he came back and could not sleep at first, but after being awake for whole night and feeling so satisfied he has fallen asleep. It was already afternoon, when woke up with the loud ringing of his phone. He stretched out his left hand and patted it everywhere to find the phone, while his eyes were still close. And soon he found it, with his eyes still closed he answered it yawning, "Hello"

"Hello Wu Zhang, can you please come to my room, Wei Xin is missing." Hearing the panicked voice of Song Jia come from the other end of the call, Wu Zhang sprang up from the bed, his sleep had already vanished.

"What happened? Are you alright?"

"Please come quick." Song Jia's voice sounded like she was on the verge of crying.

"I will be right their." Wu Zhang threw away the duvet and after wearing his slippers ran towards her room to save his damsel in distress. He did not ask any question, and went out in his pajamas, without even caring for his image of the President Wu. Li Jing who was right outside his room, was shocked to see such messy appearance of his President.
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