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While eating, Xiao Li had smeared some sauce near the corner of her lips and on her hands, which she was unaware of. Wu Zihao picked the napkin and wiped it for her by gently dabbing it on her face.

She smiled at him and that innocent smile blossomed his heart like the first ray of a winter morning sunshine, just like Jin Qingling's smile had done to him a few years back.

He shook his head to clear his mind from her thoughts for the time being and focused on Xiao Li. He saw an I-card hanging around her neck, and he held it to take a closer look. 

She was right and her school was indeed the one next to the cafe. 

He looked around and the waitress as if on cue, immediately appeared in front of him. "Get the check." He ordered her and waitress bowed to him as deep as she could, before going away to fetch the bill.

"Let's go, shall we Xiao Li?" He asked the girl who didn't look very happy to go back.

"No go?" she asked in a small voice.

If Wu Zihao were, to be honest, he didn't want for her to go as well. He didn't know why, but he felt a strange connection forming with the girl that he had never felt with any kid before. He in fact was not even very fond of kids, to begin with. 

And here he was, not only spending time with this little doll but also babysitting her like a professional nanny. He didn't know he had the talent to do it, his performance was quite decent too!

"I can't leave you here alone, you must go back. Your teachers and parents will get worried about you, my dear. And promise me that you would not run away from school like this again?" He looked at her seriously this time, but his voice was very gentle, as he cooed her to make the promise.

The girl looked hesitant, but then extended her hand with her pinky sticking out. "Pinky promise."

Wu Zihao chuckled and then linked his pinky with hers before placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. "Let's go now."

He stood up from his chair and then helped Xiao Li get down as well, before taking her little backpack in one hand and her small stubby hand in his other one. He found it funny as to how her hands were not even the size of his fingers.

He walked a few steps when he noticed that he was walking a bit too fast for her to catch up with her short legs. He chuckled, paused walking and then lifted her in his arms before walking again.

It didn't take them more than three minutes to reach the gates of the school, where a middle-aged woman who looked like a teacher was talking to the guard. "How can you be so careless?! We have looked into the CCTV footage, and it clearly shows that she ran outside the gates. What were you doing?!"

The watchman looked terrified and was sweating buckets. His head was hung low and he could see himself losing his job. 

While he was trying to think of a comeback, his eyes fell on Wu Zihao who was walking in with Xiao Li in his arms. His eyes widened as he looked at them. The teacher who was scolding him noticed his gaze and followed it by turning around.

"Isn't that the Li girl?!" She was both relieved and surprised to see her here and immediately rushed to Wu Zihao's side. "Where were you?" Her tone consisted of a tad of anger, which she was trying hard to suppress.

"I should be the one asking this to you, shouldn't I?" Wu Zihao retorted back with a deadpanned face when Xiao Li wrapped his arms around his neck and buried her face in it's hollow, silently asking him to save her from the scolding of her teacher. 

The teacher looked a bit embarrassed with the cross-question at first, but then somehow managed to ask him. "Are you a relative of hers?"

"It doesn't matter if I am her relative or not, just my name is enough to shut this school down. How can you be so insincere regarding the security of your students? Is this how your institution works?" The octave of his voice was rising bit by bit, as his anger increased.

Xiao Li was having an amazing day, her face was hidden in the safe haven of her father's neck where no one could see her smile and she was enjoying every bit of her teacher being scolded. 

The teacher who had originally come to scold Xiao Li was now tongue-tied and embarrassed, with nothing to come back with. "Just this child is a bit more naughty than other children of her age, but we will take care of this matter. It won't happen again."

It was hard for Wu Zihao to believe his ears. How dare this woman call such sweet child naughty?! "Which two eyes of yours made you see her as naughty?"

The teacher was dumbfounded. Just who was this man? His appearance was too intimidating to argue and him defending this naughty girl was not helping at all.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

She opened her mouth and then closed it, before opening it again to finally ask, "May I ask who are you, Mister? We are very apologetic for the carelessness on our part and would like to thank you for bringing her back."

Wu Ziaho squatted and placed Xiao Li down from his arms on the stoned floor before placing a small kiss on her forehead and standing back to his full height. "Wu Zihao."

Just the name was enough for the teacher to sweat buckets out of nervousness. Before she could say or ask anything, Wu Zihao said again. "I will keep an eye on this school and such things must not happen in the future. and don't you dare to scold Xiao Li for your carelessness."

Words from the mouth of the Wu's was like a verdict for the country and standing before them was the second young master himself. The question of disobeying was not even an option. The teacher gulped and could only manage to nod.

Wu Zihao bobbed his head and smiled at Xiao Li who was also smiling ear to ear. "Goodbye, Xiao Li and don't run away from school again, okay?"

Xiao Li nodded and Wu Zihao finally left.
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