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When love beckons twice 228 The Man Outside Was... Wu Zihao?

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Wu Zihao looked at the waitress with a nonchalant expression on his face, who had just told him that they don't serve dumplings. "Is that so?"

The waitress nodded in her response. It was a small coffee place that served mostly western food items and a few other snacks and dessert along with the beverages that it was known for, but they didn't have dumplings.

"Well then do it now and remember not to make it spicy. She should be able to eat it easily" With that, he pulled out his chequebook from his jacket's inner pocket, signed a cheque for fifteen thousand yuan and slammed it lightly on the table like it was tissue. Well, to him it actually was nothing more than tissue. "Also till the time you bring it, get her a milkshake."

The waitress looked dumbfounded and her jaw dropped to the floor seeing the amount on the cheque. She was at a loss for words and could only manage to say "Um-sir..." for half of the day.

"Am I not clear?" Wu Zihao asked with a warning edge in his voice as he laid back leisurely against the chair to take the first sip of his latte.

"Yes, sir..." His gaze on the waitress was intimidating enough already, but such a threatening voice made her immediately nod her head and run back to the manager and complain to him about this fussy customer.

"I won't tell you again to take the cheque." Wu Zihao's word made her stop in her track, turn around to clumsily take it, bow to him multiple times and then run back again to the manager for her dear life.

This customer was too intimidating! If not for the owner's warning to cater to all his needs, she wouldn't have been so scared.

Xiao Li didn't really get the gist of what just happened and Wu Zihao cared the least about it. They both were unfazed and continued their conversation as if nothing had happened.

In the kitchen of the cafe, the owner was beaming with happiness when he saw the amount on the cheque. 'All the rich people were sure crazy!' he thought to himself and then chuckled at such easy money. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

However, his smile soon disappeared when he saw the signature on the cheque. It was signed by Wu Zihao. Wasn't he the second young master of the Wu Family?!

The man outside was... Wu Zihao? When did he become a father?

He immediately pulled out his phone and opened the search browser. He then typed 'Wu Zihao' in it and the next moment, pictures of the very same man sitting outside appeared on his screen.

He was too happy about his talent to sniff out and distinguish the rich from the regular crowd. He didn't know Wu Zihao by face but he knew his name.

Had the cheque come from someone else, he would have sure doubted it's authenticity. But seeing the cheque was signed by the name of Wu Zihao, he knew there was no chance of it getting bounced. Only the people living under rocks would be the one in the country who wouldn't know the Wu family.

He was too happy to have a customer like Wu Zihao visit his small cafe and throw money at his way because this rich man was too lazy to go to any other place that would serve dumplings.

While he rejoiced, the waitress looked utterly confused. "Boss, how can we accept the money when we don't serve dumplings?"

The owner looked at her like she was a fool and sneered. "Who told you to make them?"

"Eh?" She had no idea of what was going on in the owner's head.

He took her to the cash counter and gave her two thousand yuan. "Go to the Dumpling House and get two servings as takeout. All he cares about is dumpling served to him, and not how we get it done. Be quick!" The waitress nodded and left hurriedly.

Xiao Li was beyond ecstatic when the piping hot dumplings were served to her. After the waitress served it, she couldn't help herself from saying the following, "Sir you have a beautiful daughter."

Wu Zihao's lips twitched hearing the word "daughter" and some strange emotion aroused in him. He just smiled awkwardly to her because he didn't have the heart to say that she was not his daughter. The waitress gave a polite smile, and then finally left.

Wu Zihao helped Xiao Li with her dumplings and he was beyond ecstatic to see her so happy. Her smile was working quite well in soothing his heart that had been aching for Jin Qingling, allowing him to divert his mind from her for a while.

When Xiao Li was finally done, with a heavy heart he decided that it was time for him to drop her back to school.
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