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Wu Zihao couldn't help laughing when he heard her response as it reminded him of his own childhood, how he would try to pull every trick he could think of, to avoid going to school. He hated the place!

Apart from being very naughty in his childhood, bunking school was the biggest reason for which he would get a thorough beating almost every day from his father and sometimes grandfather too. Not that he cared about it though.

Xiao Li couldn't be happier when she saw him laugh as if she had found her partner in crime.

"But why don't you want to go to school Xiao Li? Every child must go to school, bunking it is bad. Don't you know?" He asked with mirth dancing in his eyes, which the little girl was obviously too young to catch.

"School is no fun. Xiao Li wants to play." She answered with a pitiful face as if it was a very serious question.

'I agree, school is boring."

"Uncle is the best!" His words made her smile brightly, flashing her white little milk teeth that had gaps between them, as some of them had broken. It was only now he noticed that the girl had a western accent and was also talking in English, even when he was talking to her in Mandarin.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Wu Zihao pinched her cheeks again and both of them giggled. He then looked around and asked her in a low voice, this time in English "Do you want to know a secret of mine?"

"The girl looked eager and nodded her head enthusiastically. Wu Zihao smiled and signaled her to bring her ears closer. When she did so, he also leaned forward to match her height and whispered softly, "I also hated going to school when I was your age."

"Hehe..." this made little Xiao Li break in a childish giggle which was enough to make Wu Zihao melt over and over again, seeing her innocence. For some reason, this girl was reminding him of Jin Qingling a lot. He felt that she resembled her way too much. 

However, he brushed off the idea of his mind thinking it was just his wishful thinking. Little did he know that it was not.

"Tell me, where is your school?" No matter how sweet he found her to be, she was still supposed to be at school and not with him after all. Her presence had magically soothed his heart and he didn't want to leave her here alone, where anything could happen to her. Therefore he decided to safely send her back to school.

Xiao Li's mood dampened with this question and her face dropped.

Wu Zihao thought she might not be knowing the address but then surprised him when she twisted her upper body and turned around on the chair. She lifted her short arm and with her index finger pointed to show a gate that was just a few meters of a walk from the cafe.

Wu Zihao leaned a bit on the table to see a huge door, and a board saying "Toddling Footsteps Playschool".

"Don't run away from school next time, you must attend it every day. Only bad children do it. And I know Xiao Li is a good girl, isn't she?"

Xiao Li smiled brightly and agreed at the praise that was showered on her.

While the two were talking, a waitress came over with Wu Zihao's hazelnut latte and placed it in front of him. Judging from the commotion that he had caused just a few minutes ago, she was careful enough to not go anywhere near Wu Zihao.

While placing it, she noticed Xiao Li sitting next to Wu Zihao, and couldn't help but pity the poor waitress who was just scolded by their manager due to Wu Zihao. 'What a fool, she tried to seduce a married man. Mustn't his wife be super beautiful to have given birth to such a beautiful daughter? No wonder he didn't spare her another glance' she thought to herself.

"Would you like to have anything else, sir?" She asked curtly, being as professional as she could.

Wu Zihao turned to Xiao Li, "are you hungry Xiao Li?" 

The girl nodded her head to his question, to which he asked again. "What do you want to eat?"

"Chocolates," was her simple answer. A shine appeared in her eyes, just with the mention of it.

Wu Zihao chuckled seeing her eyes that had brightened with anticipation for chocolates. "How about you eat something healthy first and then I will buy you chocolates too?" He tried to negotiate with the girl because chocolates weren't the best option to fulfill hunger, not to forget they were unhealthy too.

Xiao Li nodded in agreement and expressed her desire. "Dumplings."

"Alright." Wu Zihao opened the menu that he had forgotten to see after he found Xiao Li under the table and skimmed through it to look for dumplings.

The waitress looked a bit awkward as she said, "Sir we don't serve dumplings here."
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