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Wu Zihao was quite surprised to see a little girl of not more than three years of age hiding under the table. His eyes widened as if they would pop out any moment now after discovering the girl, who had her mouth covered with her stubby little palm to prevent any sound from escaping out of it.

His eyebrows were scrunched together and his lips twitched seeing the little doll. For an inexplicable reason, his heart melted and all his anger washed away after seeing such a sweet little child.

He bent down even further and dipped his head under the table, to get a closer look of her. A smile appeared on his lips and he asked in a very gentle voice, which even he didn't know he had, "Why are you hiding here?"

Before the little girl could say anything, Wu Zihao noticed the water that had collected in her angelic eyes, which were now red near the rims. And before he could understand, a big, fat drop of tear rolled out of her right eye. 

His lips parted and he looked utterly confused, without an inkling of why the little angel was crying. But when the stream of tears started rolling out from those beautiful eyes non-stop, he was baffled. This time his voice had lost its gentleness and was replaced with horror instead. "Why are you crying?!"

In response to his question, the girl started crying even louder, and in her nasal voice which had become wobbly because of crying, she blurted between her hiccups, "You hit with shoes, tummy hurting.." 

Her words made Wu Zihao realize how he actually found out that there was someone under the table. He panicked when realization dawned upon him that he had unknowingly hit such an adorable child and in his haste to help her out, he forgot that his head was under the table and hit it against the surface.

"Ow!" a small gasp escaped his mouth but he didn't make it look obvious to prevent from making a fool of himself in front of such an adorable child. "Let me help you out first."

He extended his hand in front for the girl to take, who looked at him hesitantly with her fawn-like eyes at first but finally took it.

Wu Zihao helped her come out and saw she had a small backpack hung on her shoulders. He took it off of her and placed it on the table. He then lifted her from under her arms to make her sit on the chair next to him that was a bit too high for her to sit on her own.

The girl had big black eyes and her small button nose was extremely adorable. Her slightly curly chestnut hair was tied in two high ponytails on each side making her look so lovable.

"Don't cry." He couldn't help panicking when he saw her tear-smeared face and hurriedly poured half a glass of water for her. The girl seemed thirsty and started downing the content a bit too fast.

A frown appeared on Wu Zihao's forehead and he held the glass to stop her. "Drink slowly my dear, or else you will choke on it."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

The little girl looked at him with her doe eyes, nodded and then shifted her focus back to the glass of water, this time drinking much slower than before. She took a few more sips and then placed the glass back on the table after her thirst was quenched.

Wu Zihao took an unused cloth napkin that was neatly folded and placed on the table and gently wiped the girl's mouth that was covered with water near her lips and was smeared with tears on her cheeks.

"Are you still hurting?" The girl merely shook her head to his question and he continued dabbing the napkin on her face gently.

"What is your name?" He asked after he placed the napkin back on the table.

In her adorable nasal voice, she said, "name Xiao Li."

Wu Zihao smiled and then asked further, "Where are your parents and why were you hiding here Xiao Li?"

"Mother at home." 

"So, why were you hiding here?" He looked confused and worried too. Why would such a young girl hide here on her own and where were her parents?

"Don't want to go to school." The girl replied meekly and pressed her lips in a thin line. 

Wu Zihao couldn't help laughing after hearing her response. When he was young, he also disliked going to school and would often hide somewhere and the entire house would turn into chaos as people looked for him.

"You are just too adorable, Xiao Li." He chuckled and then gently pinched her upper cheek with his thumb and index finger, making her giggle too.
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