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After Wu Zihao left Jin Qingling's house, he got into his car and drove to a certain distance before stopping it on a side of the road. His head was messed from everything she had told him and he found it hard to think straight.

He opened the glove compartment and took out a box of cigarettes and lighter. Without wasting any time, he lit a cigarette and took a long puff to calm his mind, but it didn't work. After he finally littered several burnt cigarette butts out of the window on the ground, next to the tire of the car, the ache in his heart reduced.

However, the words of Jin Qingling were running inside his head on a loop, nonstop!

He smoked a few more cigarettes until he had no more left in his car. He threw out the empty box and slammed the driving wheel in frustration.

'How come she was manipulated right under his nose and he never found out?'

'Just whose men blackmailed her to keep them apart for four damn years?' He knew his men didn't have the guts to betray him unless they wanted to rot in the underworld, which no one would dare in their right mind.

'She must have gone through a lot to despise me so much now.'

"Xiao Ling, I promise to rectify everything one day and bring you back to my side." He murmured to himself and then picked up his phone from the shotgun seat that he had thrown on it previously while getting inside, and dialed a number that he had not contacted for a very long time now.

The call on the other end was answered right before it would have been disconnected and a deep manly voice answered it. "Second Young Master Wu, what made you call me today?"

Wu Zihao didn't fret over the greetings and got straight to the point. "Fei Rong, Investigate everything that happened to Jin Qingling in the past four years. I want all the details regarding when and how many times she tried to visit C City and who prevented her from seeing me. I want even the smallest of details."

"I have stopped playing the detective long back, you know that." The man on the other end replied in a blunt tone.

"I have already transferred the advance payment in your account. You will get the rest after the work is done. I want all the details in my mailbox by evening. You can use my men and resources however you want to." Without giving him the chance to reject the work, Wu Zihao hung up.

He drove aimlessly for a long time until it was almost two in the afternoon and because of the glutton he was, he couldn't control his hunger anymore when his stomach started growling. As he drove further, he located a noodle joint on the other end of the street drove towards it. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

The cafe had a decent ambiance with a few tables also spread out in the open without any patio umbrellas. The mild rays of the sun on a chilly winter day felt very soothing on the skin and therefore a lot of customers were seated outside as well.

Wu Zihao had never had the attitude of the rich brat and loved eating at small joints rather than fancy places. He went to the farthest end where no one was seated around and took a table in the corner.

As he sat down, a waitress came over and handed him a laminated menu card. "Good afternoon, Sir. Would you like to have anything in the beverage first?"

"One hazelnut latte." Wu Zihao ordered after quickly scanning the options for the beverages but he didn't spare a single glance at the waitress. 

The waitress didn't lose hope from his behavior and bent forward to turn the page on the menu card in his hand, making sure her cleavage was visible. "And from the food sec—"

"Step back!" Wu Zihao snapped at her, making her jump back with fright. His voice was loud enough to garner the attention of the people around them. The waitress got utterly embarrassed, due to which her cheeks turned crimson. 

Hearing the commotion, the owner of the cafe immediately came to the table. He glanced at the customer first, and he wasn't a fool to not understand that Wu Zihao was a rich man. In order to not offend him, he looked at the girl and asked in a stern voice, "What is going on?"

Before the girl could say anything, Wu Zihao answered for her in a deadpanned voice. "Tell your waitresses to sell food here, not their bodies by hovering over customers and behaving like prostitutes."

The waitress' face heated up with the humiliation that came her way by Wu Zihao's words. Her body was trembling from the embarrassment and she refuted, "Boss no, this man—"

"Scram!" The owner shouted at the poor girl and scurried her away, who bowed her head in a quick movement and walked away as fast as she could, to hide away from the amused gazes.

The owner then turned to Wu Zihao and offered an apologetic smile. He although didn't know who Wu Zihao was, but he was smart enough to distinguish powerful men from the regular crowd that visited his cafe. And he knew well, who were the people not meant to offend. "Honorable guest, I am sorry for the inconvenience. I will teach the wretched girl a good lesson and send another waitress to attend you. Please don't get angry."

Wu Zihao ignored him and continued flipping the pages of the menu card in his hand. The owner was unfazed from his ignorance and gave him a deep bow before turning around to leave. He was a good one when it came to bootlicking.

Wu Zihao laid back against the chair and stretched his legs under the table, to only bump it into something very soft.

"Ow!' He heard a small childish cry and his brows scrunched at the odd feeling that he had when his feet touched something under the table. He bent down to look under it and his eyes widened at what he saw under it.
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