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When love beckons twice 223 Your Father Has Gained Consciousness

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It had been two days since Song Jia and Song Chen were hospitalized.

Song Jia was in her hospital ward when a nurse entered her room and informed her. "Your father has gained consciousness and is out of danger." 

Song Jia's eyes lit up as she snapped her neck in the direction of the nurse. "Can I go see him?" 

"Yes, you can." The nurse answered and left the room. 

Song Jia immediately got off the bed, wore her slippers and rushed to the door. However, her feet paused when she caught a glimpse of her own reflection in a mirror on the wall. 

She was in the hospital gown and her appearance looked very much unlike her. Her hair was tied in a messy braid, a few strands falling out and with no makeup on her face. Not like she needed it, but her skin had started looking unusually pale these days and the dark circle around her eyes had even though lightened, they were still visible. 

All in all, she looked very unkempt!

After contemplating for a while, she picked out a dress from the closet that she had previously asked Wei Xin to bring for her because she was finally getting discharged today. She then went inside the bathroom to take a shower and change her clothes. 

She didn't want to go in front of Song Chen in a hospital gown as in that case she would have to tell him that she had fainted previously, which she didn't want to tell him.

After the shower, she got dressed and applied a light layer of makeup to look fresh and tied her hair in a neat ponytail.

She opened the door to her ward and walked to another private ward, where Song Chen was moved to. He was shifted from the ICU and was out of any possible danger now. 

Song Jia was very anxious and didn't know what exactly would she talk to Song Chen about as the two had never conversed about anything other than business in the past so many years. The conversation they had had could barely be called conversation as they never lasted for more than a few minutes.

She had been angry with him, but she had also craved for his love for the longest time. She was not the kind to hold grudges for a long time and here the man in question was none other than her biological father.

She knew it was not entirely his fault and even though he had sent her away, he never deprived her of anything that she deserved and made sure all her needs were catered to. And the leftover anger that she had for him had washed away when he had saved her life without thinking about himself.

She reached his ward and when her hands wrapped around the glass handle, she couldn't find the energy to push the door to open it. She was nervous and started contemplating if she was the person he was looking forward to meeting.

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She was lost in her own thoughts when the door was pulled open from inside and there stood her grandfather. 

"Xiao Jia, why are you standing here?" Song Guang asked as he stepped out and slowly closed the door behind him. Song Jia noticed the walking cane in his hand and her lips twitched.

"Since when have you started using it?" Song Guang followed her line of sight and chuckled lightly.

"As the days are passing, I am not getting any younger child. My knees have started rusting."

With those words, Song Jia finally took a proper look at her grandfather. She had last seen him when Nanny Lin had passed away but he looked very healthy that time. As for today, he looked a lot like his age, old and weak. 

Seeing his only son bedridden with his family breaking apart, it wasn't easy for the old man either. Deep down he blamed himself for asking Song Chen to marry that wretched woman without properly looking at her background. He had trusted the words of her grandfather who had once saved his life and they had become good friends after that.

No one knew that she would enter the business of selling her own body to earn money after her grandfather's death and also it wasn't something they would have expected.

"Can I talk to you for a moment Xiao Jia?" 

Song Jia nodded her head and then linked her arm with his to help him walk to the sofas placed nearby.

"How are you now doing, child?" He asked taking her hand in his aged hands and patting it lovingly.

"I am fine, grandpa. Don't worry about me." Her lips stretched into a small smile as she said so.

"Forgive me, my child, for everything that I have done to you. We have all failed you and I am equally responsible for it. If only I didn't ask your father to marry that woman, things wouldn't have unfolded the way they did."

"Grandpa, whatever happened was all a phase, and it cannot be reversed. Let's just forget it now, alright? Don't make me feel like an outsider by apologizing to me now."

Song Guang gave out a small laugh and then very gently patted her head, before stroking it twice. His granddaughter was truly an ore, that had now become a fine gem with the test of time.

"Now go inside and visit your father. He is waiting for you."

"He is?" She was really happy to hear it.

"Yes child, he is. Go now." He said tapping her at her back to nudge her to go.
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