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When love beckons twice 222 His Lingling Was Still Actually Wu Zihao's Xiao Ling

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Qiao Gen helped the drunk Jin Qingling walk to his home, who kept stumbling all the way. He was supporting her by her waist, and one of her arms was wrapped around his neck, pulling him down by her weight, but he managed to stand tall.

When they finally reached his place, which was an apartment provided to him by the company he worked for, he helped her settle in the guest room and retired to his room for the night. 

The image of that vulnerable and heartbroken Jin Qingling was imprinted on his heart forever. He remembered how she kept murmuring Wu Ziaho's name all night and expressed her desire to keep their baby. He had heard it when he had gone to her room to check up on her during the middle of the night, to make sure she was fine.

"Gen, why did he come back?" The muffled question from Jin Qingling brought Qiao Gen back to the present. "He was the one who sent me away. He didn't want me, he didn't want our daughter, so now why?" 

She tightened her grip around him, while her tears soaked his t-shirt, not that he cared about it. He pulled her closer and silently stroked her back while her tears ran nonstop.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Don't break down like this Lingling, you are a strong woman. Ever since you decided to keep Xiao Li, you have been so strong. So do not lose hope like this." His heart was breaking to see her like this. She had never been a weak woman. Since the day he met her, he had seen her struggle in her life, but what earned her brownie points for him the fact that she never complained nor lost hope.

Four years back also, she had made it to the hospital on the date assigned for her abortion, but as she was taken to the surgery bed, she could not bring herself to give up on the child. It was then that she had decided that no matter how tough life became for her, she would still raise the child, even if its father didn't want them.

And ever since she made up her mind to keep the baby, she had turned into a very strong and independent woman. She had tried her best to give her daughter not only the best upbringing but everything she needed, fulfilling every wish of hers. 

It was Gen who had helped her to get a job in the same company where he worked. He stood with her at every step, but it was her efforts, who turned her into such a strong woman that she was today.

"What if he takes away my daughter from me? I brought her up all alone for these three years. I am not going to let him take her. She is my daughter and not his!" Jin Qingling was panicking inside and it clearly reflected in her voice.

Even though Gen did not want to admit it, but her words comforted him to some extent. 'So she is worried about Xiao Li and is not crying because she still has him in her heart.'

He felt at ease and the swelling that was rising in his heart settled. He didn't want to lose her after finally convincing her to marry him by making efforts in courting her for three whole years. He had loved her deeply and very genuinely from all his heart. 

But for one moment when he saw her so weak, just like four years back, he was scared that his Lingling has not forgotten him. He felt uneasy just with the idea that his Lingling was still actually Wu Zihao's Xiao Ling. It pained his heart to think that she was still in love with that man and he still was capable enough to influence her emotions so much.

Qiao Gen didn't come from a very rich family, and it was his hard work that made him reach the position in life where he could live comfortably without fretting too much over the expenses. But he was no match to Wu Zihao and it made him worry that Jin Qingling might yet after everything, choose that rich brat over him.

However, after he heard her point of concern, he could feel his muscles relax, which he didn't realize had been tense ever since Wu Zihao stepped into their house.

He pulled Jin Qingling back and placed a comforting kiss on her forehead. He made her look him in the eye before he spoke in a very soft voice, "He won't, Lingling. Xiao Li is your daughter before anyone else could stake their claim on her. No one supported you when you carried her for nine months. You did everything on your own. It was you alone who bore all the pain in raising her up for all these years, so no one has the right to take her away from you. Do you understand?"

Jin Qingling nodded her head as she wiped her tears. "But he is too powerful to fight against. Promise me you will never let him find out about her. I know him, he will surely take her away from me otherwise."

"I promise, my love. She will always be with you. Now that you are my fiancee, Xiao Li is my daughter too. I won't let any harm come in our daughter's way. It's my promise to you."

Even though he made the promise to her, he himself wasn't sure if he would be able to hold on it or not. There was no one in the country who didn't know the Wu family.

And if what Wu Zihao said was true, and he had really come here today to bring Jin Qingling back in his life, he knew it wouldn't take long for him to find out that he also has a daughter from the woman he claims to love.

Even though Qiao Gen was reluctant to admit it, he still knew that what Jin Qingling said was true. If he were to face Wu Zihao, he would stand no chance to win against him and he would lose Jin Qingling forever.
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