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As soon as Gen who was sitting in the living room, heard the sound of the door clicking open, his neck snapped in the direction of the room. He saw the brooding figure of Wu Zihao stepping out of the room, with a gloomy expression on his face. 

He immediately stood up from the slightly worn-out sofa that he was sitting on and as Wu Zihao came closer, their eyes met for a short while, before Wu Zihao averted his gaze and left the house.

Gen saw the small figure of Jin Qingling standing behind the door and he walked towards her. Even though he had somewhat figured out the conclusion of their discussion from the way Wu Zihao walked out, he still went to Jin Qingling to know what exactly happened.

As soon as Wu Zihao was out of sight, Jin Qingling left the doorknob she was holding on to and felt her knees going weak all of a sudden. She slumped on to the floor and tears rolled down from her eyes. Before she could hit the floor, Gen rushed to her and caught her right on time.

"Lingling be careful!" He supported her with one hand around her waist and the other holding her hand. Jin Qingling didn't react and let him hold her.

"Come here." With those words, he guided her to the bed by holding her wrist and made her settle on it. He then sat next to her and just when he did so, Jin Qingling threw herself at him and the dam of her emotions broke down.

She was crying without holding back and Gen pulled her tighter in his embrace to console her, by caressing her back gently. "Lingling, stop crying."

All it needed were those words and Jin Qingling cried even harder. It clenched Gen's heart when he saw her crying in such a pathetic way. It reminded him of the time four years back when he had run into her on the subway in the capital, where she was drunk and was crying just like today.

The woman was garnering a lot of attention due to the way she was crying without a care in the world. He was sitting next to her and could not help asking what was wrong with her.

"Miss, are you alright?" He asked in a low voice which was enough to garner the attention of the drunk Jin Qingling, who reeked of alcohol and tobacco.

Because she had let her guards down due to the effect of the alcohol, she pushed the file she was holding in her hands as she shook her head to tell him that she was not fine in response.

He glanced at the front to read the words printed in bold black, "First Maternity Hospital".

He opened the file which contained her pregnancy test report saying it was positive. She was ten weeks pregnant.

"Why are you crying if you are pregnant?" He couldn't help asking.

"I am new in the capital. I got robbed off of my money, Got kicked out of my house because I could not pay the rent. I can't find a proper job and I can't even fend for myself at present, how will I raise the child?" She cried even more as she bent down to support her head with her palms, her elbows resting on her thighs. "I don't want to abort the child."

 Gen looked at her and felt pity for her. "I am Qiao Gen. If you want you can stay with me till the time you find a job and place to live."

I am a useless woman. I won't be able to do anything. I can't find a single decent job here from the past month." She mumbled in a voice that came out muffled because she had her mouth covered, but he somehow understood it.

"Don't cry Miss Jin, everything will be alright." He said patting her back awkwardly, not sure if he should do it or not.

Jin Qingling scrunched her brows and looked at him with a confused expression, her nose wrinkled. "How do you know my name?"

Qiao Gen controlled the small laugh that was threatening to crack on his lips. "I... Just read it on your reports?" 

"Yeah right!" Jin Qingling mumbled to no one in particular.

He didn't know why, but he really pitied the pregnant woman who looked so vulnerable and broken, so he decided to take her to his place if she agreed. "You must not drink if you are pregnant."

"I went to schedule for an abortion today, so it doesn't matter much." She replied in a slurry voice with a sad smile on her face. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He felt sad for her but didn't question her decision. "My stop is the next one. Do you want to come?"

Jin Qingling looked a little hesitant and conflict rose in her heart.

She didn't have any money left to spend the night and she was reluctant to ask for more money from home as they had already given her enough.

She had used all of her savings to go on the U.S trip with her sister which they had been planning to go for a long time. And after everything that happened, she needed the trip even more to clear her mind.

When she came back and found out that she was pregnant, she had tried her best to meet Wu Zihao but was stopped by the goons sent by "him", telling her to stay away from the Wu family or they would kill the unborn child.

Due to the threat, she was heartbroken and had left C City to move to the capital. Since then her parents had been sending her money and now she was reluctant to ask for more. After losing all hopes of meeting Wu Zihao again, she had very difficultly made up her mind to abort the baby.
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