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After the recording ended, Jin Qingling looked at Wu Zihao with hatred filled in her eyes. "This can't be true. This isn't my sister. You are lying, ain't you?"

Wu Zihao pressed his lips in a thin line. "Do you really think I am lying?"

"All I know is that the voice in the recording can't be of my sister's. That's all!" She was quite adamant to not believe the truth.

"Is that all you have known about me in all these years?" Wu Zihao asked feeling dejected.

"She is my sister. Why would she play such cheap tricks against me?" 

"I didn't ask what you think about your sister. Just tell me is this what you think I am?" 

Jin Qingling's lips twitched but no words came out of them. 

"You know I am not lying to you. But you are ignoring it because you don't want to accept the reality. Isn't it true?"

"No, this can't be true." Jin Qingling said looking away. "Please go away Wu Zihao."

Wu Zihao took three slow steps in her direction before he was standing right in front of her. And when he took another step Jin Qingling stepped back. "What are you doing?"

Wu Zihao silently took one more step closer to her and Jin Qingling stepped back again. She was looking at his face, and her breath was getting heavy, anxiety rising in her heart.

"Wu- Wu Zihao—" She didn't even realize when she was pressed against the wall behind her and Wu Zihao was hovering against her, their bodies pressed against each other. Their gazes got locked and no one spoke a word.

Wu Zihao bent his head, for his mouth to reach her left shoulder blade. He moved aside the strand of her hair that curtained it and pressed his cold lips against it, sending shivers down her spine.

"Wu Zihao I am engaged to someone else!" Jin Qingling whispered hoarsely.

His gaze darkened when she said those words and he slid his hands from her shoulders to her arm, all the way down to her wrist. He held it and lifted it up to reach for her ring finger, that had a simple diamond ring settled on it.

Wu Zihao twisted the ring once before he swiftly pulled it out of her finger and let it fall on the floor. The metal clinked against the floor and Wu Zihao brushed his lips against hers. "It's no big deal to break off an engagement, is it?"

"Wu Zihao stop it!" Jin Qingling tried to wriggle free from his embrace, but she was cornered by him with no means to escape. His arms had captured her between him and the wall.

"You know I have got no reason to lie to you. You are the only woman I have ever loved and other than my love for you, there is no other motive for me to come after you."

Jin Qingling used all her strength to push him back and because Wu Zihao didn't use any of his, she succeeded. He let her push him back. "If you loved me so much, then why didn't you tell me the truth back then?!"

"Did you give me the chance? You came to my office to accuse me, not to sort thing out." Although she had pushed him, he was not standing far from her.

Jin Qingling parted her lips but then closed them immediately. What Wu Zihao said was right, she had gone to him and accused him straight away. "Qinggee is my sister, and I barely knew you. Whom do you think I would trust more?!"

Wu Zihao knew there was no point in making her understand her sister's fault. She was too blind to see it. "Qingling, listen to me, whatever happened was in the past. I have never had anything with your sister and I didn't break her heart. I have been looking for you for years now and not even a day had gone by when I didn't look for you. Can't we forget the past and start afresh?"

"It's too late to start afresh now." Jin Qingling whispered hoarsely as she looked him in the eye. "I have moved on from you Zihao, and you are right. Whatever happened was in the past. You happened in my past and now my present is the man standing outside." 

"Even if Qinggee was the one who lied, it doesn't change the fact that I have moved on in life, which you ain't a part of anymore and nor is my sister."

"Why?" His voice was barely more than a whisper.

"Because our love was not strong enough to stand the test of time. I got manipulated by my sister to not believe the man I loved. And you chose your ego over the woman you loved, to not even explain anything to her."

"I came to find you that night, but you were gone. You just vanished!" He complained.

"Because I needed time to clear my thoughts. I was heartbroken. You were the first man I loved and gave my body to. I just wanted to figure things out first."

"You took so long that you got engaged to some other man?" His tone was very sarcastic.

What do you think, that I didn't try to come back?" She came back with a reply equally sarcastic.

Her words successfully caught the attention of Wu Zihao. "I tried every means to contact you, but I was being prevented. Your men blackmailed me to not contact you and I Second Master Wu am not powerful enough to go head-on against a bunch of goons that work for Wu family."

"You- you came back?"

"Yes, and I was threatened with my life to not come looking for you. Well, no one can be blamed, it's just that I am too poor to acquire the title of Second Young Madam Wu, Isn't it?"

"Are you speaking the truth Xiao Ling?" He asked with disbelief written all over her face. The woman he had been trying to find out for using every means, was also trying to do the same but was prevented by his own men?Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I have got no reason to lie, Second Young Master Wu. And when all doors were closed on me, the man standing outside took care of me, without even worrying about the fact that—" she bit herself for almost spilling out the truth. It was best to not tell him anything about it right now.

"What fact?" Wu Zihao asked with a raised eyebrow.

"The- the fact that I have slept with you already. He was there with me in the hardest of my time, so I don't intend to leave him now when things are smooth again.

She moved away from him and bent down to pick up the ring that she was wearing previously and slipped it back on her finger. She then walked towards the door to unlock it. "Please leave now. And I hope you won't come back to look for me anymore because you ain't welcome here."

With a heavy heart and rage building inside him, he went out of the door. If Jin Qingling was speaking the truth then it was more of his fault than hers. He couldn't blame her anymore and had no right to ask her to break off the engagement anymore because if he couldn't control his own men from hurting the women he loved, he couldn't probably ask her to come back to him.
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