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With every word Wu Zhang spoke, Song Jia saw sincerity in his eyes. She felt the kind of comfort she has never sensed before with Feng Ying. Not sure whether it was due to alcohol or due to her unsettled emotions, she hugged him tightly and started crying loudly. All she was able to say was "Wu... Wu Zhang.. "

The moment, Wu Zhang's body came in contact with Song Jia's body, his heart started thumping. It beat so fast that he could hear his own heartbeat. He felt a rush of emotions, he could not explain. But one thing he could not deny was, that her touch made him feel warm on a chilly night. The warmth spread all through his body and as a reflex he locked his arms around her slender waist and held her tightly as they stayed in the same position for a very long time. Song Jia weeped loudly while murmuring, "My dad never loved me, Feng Ying never loved me. No one has ever loved me. Only grandfather." She was howling like a three year old child, whose favourite candy has been snatched from him. And gradually tightened her grip around him, as if scared that he will run away.

Her words pinched Wu Zhang in his heart. He did not know she has been holding back so much. And at that very moment, although he did not know about things going on between Song Jia and her father, he still vowed to himself, that he will always keep this silly girl in his arms very happy as he stroke her back.

Slowly her weeping turned into sobbing, and later on their was no sound at all. Wu Zhang sensed something was odd, as he felt the weight on his shoulder getting heavier, so he pulled her back and found out she was deep asleep. He laughed gently and picked her in his arms and carried her back to the car. After he got into the car, he lowered her seat, and covered her with a blanket. His suit jacket had been ruined by her tears and it had a big wet patch on the shoulder, so he took it off and placed it on the back seat. He was in no hurry to go back and kept looking at her lovingly, later he placed a gentle peck on her lips, "Song Jia, I will always love you, and take care of you. I will make up for all the love and care that you have always craved for. No matter what happened to you in your past, but from today everything in your life will be the best of what you deserve. I will give all my love to you. I promise." He knew Song Jia was asleep and has not heard anything, but he still wanted to say this, more like he was promising it to himself then her.

He stayed their for sometime looking at her, as if memorising her features before he drove off to the hotel, around the break of dawn.

When he reached, he carried Song Jia in his arms to her room, the receptionist who was still yawning got wide awake seeing Wu Zhang carrying Song Jia. On the other hand Wu Zhang did not give the receptionist even a second glance and headed straight to Song Jia's room. He placed her gently on the bed and caressed her forehead lightly. After a few minutes, he pulled his hand back immediately when he saw Song Jia's mouth twitching and left her room after tucking her under the blanket, fearing that she might wake up and misunderstand.

--- At Song Mansion---

Father Song was sitting in his study, looking over at a few doccuments, when the housekeeper Zhu entered, with his cell phone.

"Elder Master you have a call." He passed the cell phone over to Father Song.

As father Song saw the caller Id, a smile appeared on his usually stern face as he accepted the call.

"Song Chen, how have you been these years?" The man over the other end of the phone was Zhu Bohai, Father Song's friend from his days of youth.

Father Song was visibly delighted to recieve a call from his old friend and replied in an excited manner "I am doing fine Bohai, how are you? What made you remember this old friend?"

"Ah, I saw your daughter last night in N City, and it reminded me of our old days, she has turned into a really fine woman." he spoke feeling nostalgic.

"My daughter?" Father Song was surprised.

"Yes Yes Song Jia, that pretty child has grown up so quickly. I was amazed to see her at Imperial University last night with Young Master Wu."

"Which Young Master Wu?" Father Song was even more surprised now hearing the word 'Young Master Wu'. Although Songs were really powerful and rich, they were still no match to the Wu family, so he could not even think of Song Jia going out with Wu Zhang.
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