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Wu Zihao placed the leather jacket around Jin Qingling's shoulder carefully, as if she was a statue made up of glass and would break with the slightest of pressure. He looked at her delicate facial features, that he remembered like the back of his hand for the past four years.

Her small face that was even smaller than his palm and her milky white skin that was flawless like always was glowing even more now. Sharp pointed nose, her rose petal lips that had probably become more kissable than before. Her naturally straight chestnut hair that ended above her pelvic previously was now cut short to her mid-back.

His Qingling had grown even more beautiful than before. As he was trying to suck in all of her features to not to forget them ever again, his gaze met hers.

Her big brown eyes that held a plethora of emotions in them, were looking back at him as if trying to scream out everything that they had inside. He wasn't sure but if he saw it correctly, he knew they were getting filled with water that was threatening to fall out at any moment. 

Jin Qingling who felt like her gaze was locked with his piercing ones, tried hard to break it, but she couldn't. He was looking at her with so much passion and intensity that his eyes could swallow her whole inside them.

She didn't even realize when he came to stand right in front of her, with no distance between them. He raised his hand and reached for her cheek to wipe the hot liquid that had just rolled out of her eyes.

Before he could touch her, Jin Qingling suddenly regained her senses and stepped back. She brought her hand between them to stop him from coming any closer. "Why are you here?"

Wu Ziaho paused in his way, seeing her cold behaviour towards him. His heart was pricked by a thousand thorns that gave him indescribable pain but he didn't let it show on his face.

"I came here to talk to you," Wu Zihao said pulling his hand back.

"Well, you are late to talk. There is nothing left between us to talk about." Jin Qingling removed the jacket from her shoulders and extended her hand to give it back to him.

Wu Zihao didn't even eye the jacket, neither made any effort to take it back. " You are going to get married to this idiot?"

"Mind your words Zihao! He is my fiancee and we are already engaged now. You have no right to badmouth him." She pushed the jacket in his arm this time and shouted again. "Take it and leave right now."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I am not leaving unless you talk to me." 

"We have nothing to talk about. The door is right there and we won't come to see you off." With these words, she turned around to leave when Wu Zihao suddenly pulled her by her arm.

A yelp escaped her mouth when she crashed right into his chest. The guy named Gen stepped forward to stop him, but the way Wu Zihao glared at him, he didn't dare to take another step.

"Stubborn little thing you are, ain't you?" Wu Zihao said this and pulled her to a room that was a few steps away from him and closed the door behind him.

"Leave me!" Jin Qingling shouted and Wu Zihao let her hands go.

"All I want is to talk to you." Saying that Wu Zihao pulled out his phone and tapped something on its screen.

"I don't want to—" However her words got stuck in her mouth when a voice recording started playing on the phone.

It was Wu Ziaho's that said, "She doesn't want to see me or is it you who forced her to not see me?"

Jin Qinglint got even quieter when she heard her sister's words next. "So you know? Tut! No use of pretending then I guess." 

"Xiao Ling, are you okay?" Gen's voice came from outside the door.

"Yes, I am fine." She then turned to Wu Zihao. "What is it?" Her voice barely a whisper.

"Just listen first." And then he resumed the recording. [A/N: Recording has the same content as that of chapter 166. So in order to not waste your SS I am not posting it here. In case you don't recall then read chapter 166. Do not forget to check the Author's note.]
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