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Wu Zihao reached Yang Town early in the morning. It was hardly six and because the weather was cold, the sky was still dark with sun nowhere in sight.

He had reached X City late at night and from there driven all the way to reach Yang Town. His eyes looked heavy and red due to lack of sleep from the past many days, but he didn't care even a bit about it.

Yang Town was a small town with a very small population, situated in the hilly regions of the northern part of the country. It was not a very modern place with a slow and relaxed life, that lack in the major cities these days.

The streets were lit with halogen street lamps and there was barely any person to be seen. Wu Zihao was smoking on his fifteenth cigarette of the drive as he looked around to find his way.

After driving for another fifteen minutes, the GPS in his phone told him that he had reached his destination and he, therefore, stopped his car.

He got off the car and stretched his legs and back that felt sore from all the driving. When he looked in the direction of the house that was supposedly the house he was looking for, he saw it was a small house with a courtyard in the front.

From the looks, even though it was a small house, it looked cozy— exactly the type she preferred to live in.

With every step that Wu Zihao took towards the house, his heartbeat accelerated with it. It had been more than three years since she left. 

Would she have changed?

Would she talk to me?

What if she has found someone else, and doesn't love me anymore?

These were the various questions running in his mind, which were responsible for increasing his anxiety even more.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Despite all the negative thoughts running in his mind, he somehow managed to sum up his courage and pressed the doorbell. 

The wait in the duration when he rang the doorbell and till the time the door was finally opened was even though just a few minutes, it still felt like an eternity to him.

However, his heart dropped when he saw the person who had opened the door. It was a man who was still in his pajamas and looked like he had just woken up from the ring of the doorbell.

His looks were average with decent height and his clothes told that they were although not very cheap but were not expensive either. However, they were nothing in Wu Zihao's eyes. He wouldn't use such clothes to even wipe his shoes.

"Yes?" The man asked with a raspy voice after he yawned.

"Is Qingling here?" Wu Zihao asked with a stoic expression. He didn't like the fact that she was living with another man and the displeasure was clear on his face. Who was he? this was the question he wanted to find the answer to very desperately.

"Yes, she is sleeping. Who are you?" 

"I am Wu Zihao." Hearing the stranger's introduction the expression of the man changed. All though he schooled it back very quickly, yet it didn't miss Wu Zihao's scanning gaze.

"She is sleeping right now and I don't think she would want to meet you. Please go back." The man was wide awake now and his tone was also very cautious.

"I don't need you to tell me if she wants to see me or not." Wu Zihao snapped back in annoyance.

"But I still can. Considering the fact that she is my fiancee, I have all the right to tell this to you."

"Gen who is it?" A sleepy female voice came from behind. It was the voice Wu Zihao had been dying to hear for years and when he heard it today, it made his heart flutter. 

Her voice worked like a soothing hot coffee to his cold frozen heart, that brought a wave of emotions inside him.

His neck immediately snapped up and he didn't have to crane it to look who he was. He was taller than the man who had opened the door for him, therefore, he clearly saw the woman behind him.

The guy named Gen turned around and Jin Qingling froze on the spot when she saw who was on the door. The laziness from her eyes was gone and her feet stood frozen. She didn't know what to do or how to react anymore.

Without being invited in, Wu Zihao walked past the man on the door and the next moment, he was standing in front of the woman who had forgotten to move.

Wu Zihao took off the leather jacket that he was wearing and placed it around her shoulders. "It is so cold, why are you wearing so few clothes?"

It was not like the house was cold, but the chilling wind that entered the house from the door was enough to make a person shiver. And for the petite woman in front of him, she was wearing only a set of cotton pajamas.
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