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Yue Ling's throat ran dry when she heard Mo Xiu's words and she gulped. "You must be joking, right? You- you won't dare to do that actually, will you?"

"And what makes you think that I wouldn't?" Mo Xiu asked with a sly smile. 

Wu Zhang didn't even care to respond and continued smoking on his cigarette leisurely with his face void of any expression. 

"Wu- Wu Zhang, I am your mother-in-law. You can't do this to me!" In her frenzy, she had forgotten that she never cared to maintain any relationship with Song Jia in the past, which gave her no right to call herself Wu Zhang's mother-in-law.

The state she was in, she would do anything to escape from it. Her head was hurting from the collision against the bars, due to the effect of the hot water, her bones were also aching. And now because she had to crane her neck to talk to Wu Zhang, her neck was also hurting.

To top it all, the man in front had ordered to pull out her nail, and they were all so calm about it like it was pulling out hair while waxing.

Wu Zhang was too bored to reply. Or in other words, he didn't want to waste his words on filth like her, therefore he just moved his hand as he blew out the smoke. Li Jing looked at the man in the room, waiting for their commands. "Don't let anyone repeat their commands or you will be the one lying in her place."

The man immediately went to a wooden table placed nearby and picked up a pair of surgical forceps from amongst the types of equipment it had and the next instant, he was standing right behind the cage Yue Ling was in.

Before Yue Ling could even prepare herself for what was to come, a rough hand grabbed her right one. She didn't get slightest of the chance to even struggle due to the lack of space and the next moment felt a sharp pain in her thumb.

She screamed in agony and the man let go of her hand after he was done. She could feel the drops of blood slide from her thumb to be collected on her palm but she couldn't see it. Drops of tears rolled down from her eyes and she looked at Wu Zhang with eyes screaming of hatred that was piling up inside her against him.

"Huang Peng, tear apart the nail of the other thumb too. This sl*t doesn't seem to have learned her lessons yet." Mo Xiu said with a smile, his gaze not averting from Yue Ling's face for even a moment.

"No! No- aah!" And just like that Huang Peng pulled out another nail not giving a damn about Yue Ling's agony. These men were trained to be ruthless and cries of their victim never affected them.

"Do not dare to insult my nephew ever again, sl*t. Keep your mouth and eyes in check from now on and you might save yourself some unnecessary pain." Mo Xiu looked satisfied with her state now.

"Why are you doing this to me, Wu Zhang?" She wailed as tears poured down from her eyes dropping on the cold iron bars beneath har and from there sliding down, on to the cold floor.

"What did I do? It was my uncle who did it, as for me, I haven't even started doing anything yet." Wu Zhang tossed the cigarette butt on the ashtray placed on a stand next to his chair before standing up to his full glory.

He went closer to her to have a better look of her face. He chuckled seeing her tears that were probably for the first time, not fake. "What, breaking down already? How disappointing! We have a long way to go and you are already giving up? Tut- tut!"

"Why are you doing this to me? I haven't wronged you ever, then why?" Yue Ling pleaded to know the answer. She knew he was dating Song Jia, but she never expected him to be so madly in love with her as to avenge the attack she wanted to strike on her.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Let me go, please." Yue Ling pleaded, her voice was breaking down.


"Yes, please." She begged to look pitiful like never before. She had always been a proud and arrogant woman and to see such a plea coming from her looked so unlikely of her.

Wu Zhang squatted down to her level and looked right in her eyes. "Not yet. It is payback time for daring to harm my woman."

The smile he gave to her sent chills down her spine. His smile was nowhere close to being called warm. It was cruel and scary that made her shrink back.

All Yue Ling could do was scream as she wriggled in the cage and without sparing another glance at her, Wu Zhang stood up and walked out of the room after saying, "Make sure she begs to die every day."

"Show her what it means to means to suffer the wrath of Wu Zhang." Mo Xiu commanded and walked out after Wu Zhang and Li Jing followed suit, leaving Huang Peng alone with Yue Ling.

"Oh, one more thing. If you treat her well, you might be able to keep her as your pet and she will serve everyone here at night." Mo Xiu told and then left again.
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