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Wu Zhang nodded his head when he heard that she was here. His eyes glinted with a murderous intent that could make any man go weak in the knees. 

"We made sure that she was proved innocent at the bureau in their investigation and instead of her we made another man take the blame."n Mo Xiu explained.

"Who?" Wu Zhang without averting his gaze from ahead.

"That Ho Min b*****d. That mole had been tortured enough for the past ten years for betraying us. And to make sure he doesn't open his mouth at the bureau, we have our people to take care of it. Although I doubt he would want to escape from there to only be brought back here and to be tortured again." Mo Xiu said with a light chuckle.

"Very well."

After taking a right turn and walking a few steps further, the three people walked inside a room on their left. The wall opposite the door was covered with monitors and multiple LED screens that showed the surveillance videos of every room. 

On a screen right at the center of a dimly lit room, was a human-size cage made from iron bars, in which lay a woman with her eyes blindfolded and hands tied at her back. She was lying still without any movements.

"Has she has not woken up yet?" Mo Xiu asked the man who was in charge of the control room.

"No, she has not." The man responded.

Mo Xiu looked at Wu Zhang as if seeking permission. "What do you wish to do next?"

"Wake her up." All Wu Zhang needed to do was move his mouth. Just as he commanded, a man who was standing near the cage pushed button on the nearby wall.

The next moment, a square appeared on the ceiling which was not visible on the camera and the ceiling covered under the square parted. A barrel big enough that could hold at least two humans came down on a crane. The movement of the crane paused when it reached mid-air and another crane with a hook-shaped end reached the bottom of the barrel. The next second the lower lid of the container was pulled off by the second crane to only empty all the water that was stored up to the brim in it on the cage right under it.

The woman woke up with a startle and an ear-piercing scream escaped her mouth. "Aah! So Hot!"

Due to the sudden pour of boiling hot water on her, she tried to sit and that is when her head hit the bars of the cage with a loud metallic ringing sound. Her entire being was burning due to the water but what panicked her more was her tied limbs and blindfolded eyes which totally completely blocked her vision.

She struggled to free her hands but all of it was in vain because the more she tried to free herself, the grip got tighter on her wrists, hurting her and scraping her delicate skin.

She tried to scoot and shift to only realize that there was no space in whatever place she was locked inside. It was only big enough to accommodate her and would not even allow her to sit.

"Who- who is it?" She screamed with panic so clearly evident in her voice. "Where have you brought me?"

The man inside the room didn't care to respond and just waited for his bosses to give him his next command.

Seeing her awake and filled with so much tremor, a cold and a very ruthless smile tugged on Wu Zhang's lips, which was a very rare sight to witness. "Let's go."

Wu Zhang turned around and left the room while being followed by the other two men.

After walking around a few more turns of the corridor that was guarded with men on every turn, they reached a room with a jet black door.

Li Jing immediately pulled out his card and scanned the lock for the room to open and let the men enter.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Inside the room, the woman was still screaming with pain as the aftereffect of the boiling hot water still prevailed on her skin and had created various red patches on it.

As soon as the man who was already present in the room saw Wu Zhang, he switched on the lights of the room which had minimal lights before.

Wu Zhang walked ahead and settled himself on a leather armchair that was clean with not a single speck of dirt on it. It was a chair reserved specifically for him and apart from him, no one ever sat on it.

He sat on it with his back leaned and his left leg crossed over his right. He lifted an arm to pull out a cigarette from his suit jacket and lit it with a lighter that Li Jing passed on to him.

After dragging in two puffs, Wu Zhang flicked his wrist while the cigarette was hung loosely between his two fingers. "Open her blindfold."

The man obliged and immediately went near the cage in which the woman was locked in and was still groaning in pain. He slid his hand inside from the gap between the bars and with a slight tug, undid her blindfold.

Yue Ling opened her eyes and blinked it a few times to adjust her sight to the light. As her vision cleared, she saw a man sitting like a king on his throne far beyond the reach of his subjects.

"It- it is you? You son of b***h let me go!" She yelled at the top of her lungs while at the same time pulled herself to the edge of the cage as if wanting to break through the bars and tear apart the king in front of her.

Hearing such insult for his favorite nephew and boss, Mo Xiu didn't even care to wait for anyone's order. "Pull out the nail of her right thumb."
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