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After excusing himself from the hospital, Wu Zihao got into his car and pulled out a cigarette from his glove compartment. After lighting it he took a long drag and blew out the smoke that settled on the windscreen.

After continuing with it for a long time, he pulled out his phone from his trousers and made a call. The call was answered right after the first ring and without waiting for pleasantries, Wu Zihao got to business. "Did you find her?"

"Yes, she has moved back to the country three days back." The man on the other end answered. "But she has not gone to C City or to her parent's place."

"Where is she at present?"

"Her location says she is in Yang town and—"

"Text me the address." Before the man could say anything further, the call was disconnected. 

The man on the other end sighed. He wanted to tell him that she has not come back to the country alone, but before he could say it he was hung upon. This kid has always been in a hurry, he thought to himself before texting him the address.

The nearest airport to Yang town was a three-hour flight from C City. Located in the northern region, this town was mostly cold throughout the year. 

While waiting for the address, Wu Zihao called an assistant from the company. "Book me the earliest flight to X City."

"Let me check." The assistant held the call and after a minute retrieved it. "The next flight is for tonight at 8 pm. Should I book it?"

Wu Zihao didn't even think twice before agreeing. "Yes do it."

"Alright." The assistant hung up and so did Wu Zihao. He started the car and drove to the Wu Mansion the next instant.


Wu Zhang looked at Song Jia who was bored to hell and had finally decided to sleep to kill some time. He then called Li Jing. "Have you done the work at the public security bureau?"

"Yes, it has been taken care of." Li Jing answered immediately.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Prepare the car."

He looked at the woman who was sleeping peacefully before opening the door and leaving the ward. With long strides, he reached the exit of the hospital where Li Jing was already waiting for him with the car.

"Drive to the base." Wu Zhang ordered as soon as he sat in the car.

Li Jing paused momentarily before turning on the car. It had been a long time since Wu Zhang had been to the base personally. The base was the capital of the underworld which was ruled by none other than Wu Zhang himself but a lot of people didn't know about it. 

On the surface, it was ruled by the Mo family which was Wu Zhang's maternal family, but not many people knew the truth that the real king behind the curtains had always been the Wu family since the time of Wu Zhang's great grandfather. Not even a leaf could be turned in the underworld without their permission and the cover-up was being played by the Mo family really well who had been very close acquaintance with the former for many generations.

The car drove for almost an hour or so before it stopped on the outskirts of the city outside a two-story building that looked like any other regular residential building. A lot of similar buildings were built nearby which gave the feeling of a residential area which in reality was just a cover-up for the base.

An entire suburb was created to cover up the base and every building had its own purpose. The area was heavily guarded and no outsider could sneak in here. If in case anyone did, they never made it out alive.

Li Jing opened the door for Wu Zhang who stepped out like the king he was. He adjusted his lapel after he stood straight and walked to the entrance where another man was already waiting for them. After giving a deep bow to Wu Zhang he swiped a black card and punched a passcode for both of them to enter after the door parted.

Inside the building, it looked like any other house of a middle-class family with ordinary pieces of furniture and interior. At the end of the living room was a door which opened to a bedroom which was equally ordinary. 

Li Jing and Wu Zhang went inside the room and the former pushed a switch on the switchboard before pulling out a card from his pocket and placing it in front of the button. The switch that was actually a scanner, drifted the wall at the end of the room to reveal a staircase.

Both the men stepped inside and the wall drifted back to place behind them. After climbing down the stairs, they reached a door that was opened by the inside to reveal at least thirty men who were waiting to greet their boss.

Only a few people who were allowed access to the base knew that the real king was Wu Zhang while the rest greeted him only because he was Wu Zhang without knowing the real reason behind the respect he received here.

All of them bowed to Wu Zhang before a middle-aged man stepped forward to greet him. He was Wu Zhang's first uncle who took care of the underworld on his behalf. 

"I was waiting for you." He said while they shook hands before Mo Xiu hugged him in a manly way and patted his back.

"Is she here?" Wu Zhang got straight to the point as they walked further. 

The base was spread in a vast area and the entire suburb in which it was built, was secured with various traps and cover-ups to prevent any outsider from entering. The building from which Wu Zhang entered was the heart of the base which had his office and the control rooms for the entire area.

"Yes, she is." Mo Xiu nodded.
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