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Wu Zihao opened the door and right at that moment, four knuckles knocked on his forehead. "Ow!"

"I am sorry!" Wei Xin immediately slid the phone she was looking at inside her pocket and rubbed his forehead a bit to soothe the pain.

Wu Zihao rubbed his forehead as he lifted his head to see who it was. "Nerdy Raisin! Do you need spectacles with more power?"

"I am sorry. I was about to knock and you opened the door at the same time." She said pushing her short hair behind her ears and adjusting her spectacles.

"It's alright. Why are you here by the way?" He asked her.

"The person inside is my friend like you and unlike you, I work for her." She tried to keep her calm and not let her emotions win over her. After she went out with him for drinks, she had tried her best to avoid him as much as she could. She didn't want to run into him anymore, because seeing him would only hurt her more.

Even though she didn't want to, her eyes wandered onto his face which like Song Jia said, looked haggard. She felt a pang of pain in her heart seeing him in such a miserable state. 'What was going on in his life for him to look so worn out?' she thought to herself.

Only she knew how much she wanted to ask him the question out loud, but she knew she couldn't because somewhere deep down she knew the reason for this state of his. 

For the next two minutes, both of them just continued standing at the door while no one spoke anything. It had become a bit awkward but Wei Xin couldn't bring herself to say goodbye first and walk inside.

"I will take my leave then." Wu Zihao was the first to break the silence.

"Yes, sure. I will also go in." Wei Xin smiled and stepped aside to let him walk past the door. She turned around to take a glimpse of his retreating back and a feeling sadness settled in her heart. 

After he was gone from her line of sight, she pushed the door to the ward open and went in. Song Jia was talking to Wu Zhang who was sitting on the leather couch, while Song Jia sat on the bed.

"Can I go see him?" She asked Wu Zhang.

"He is in the Intensive Care Unit and visitors are not allowed until he wakes up." Wu Zhang answered while his focus was fixed on the laptop in his hand.

Wei Xin overheard his answer and her brows got scrunched. She had just come after paying a visit to Song Chen's chief surgeon and he had not mentioned any such thing. Then why was Wu Zhang lying?

She was curious to know the reason, but since the big boss had said something, she was no one to question his decisions.

"That is strange..." Song Jia murmured to herself. She felt the presence of someone else too and moved her gaze to the door. She saw Wei Xin standing at the door and immediately called her in.

"Since when have you been standing there? Come inside." She gestured with her hands for Wei Xin to come in.

"I came just now. I thought I will check on you before heading for work." She said as she inched closer. She then turned to Wu Zhang and greeted him as well. "Good Morning CEO Wu."

Wu Zhang nodded his head and then gave her a meaningful look. Wei Xin understood the meaning and turned to focus on Song Jia.

"Good thing you came. I was about to call you to bring me my laptop until I am relinquished from here."

"There is no need for that. Take a few days off and rest during that time. Your body needs to recover." Before anyone could answer, Wu Zhang had already passed his judgment.

"But I will get bored. Work will keep me busy at the least."

"Oh, I can do that. You don't need to work for it." Wu Zhang winked.

Song Jia almost choked on her spit when she understood the underlying meaning behind his words. This man was just too shameless!

Wei Xin didn't need to see Wu Zhang's expression to understand what he meant because Song Jia's gave it all. Song Jia looked a bit embarrassed and to poke fun at her she patted the bed to gain her attention.

When she finally got her attention, Wei Xin looked at her, arched both her eyebrows with a teasing smirk on her lips which flustered Song Jia even more.

"When am I getting discharged by the way. I think I am good to go." Song Jia immediately diverted the topic.

"When the doctors confirm that you are fine." Wu Zhang answered.

"But I am fine now, I just collapsed because I was tired." Song Jia didn't like staying in the hospital. "Is it the doctor or is it you asked them to postpone my discharge?" She asked him suspiciously.

"How does it matter, you are staying here anyway." 

Wei Xin lowered her head to avoid being pulled in the argument. Before coming here she had met both Song Chen's chief surgeon and Song Jia's doctor to check on their status.

The gynecologist that had attended Song Jia had told her that Song Jia's charts and reports were all fine and she was fit to leave, but it was Wu Zhang who had asked her to extend her discharge so that she would stay back and rest until her exhaustion went away.
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