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While the couple was engrossed in each other, door to Song Jia's ward flung open and it startled both of them. Song Jia immediately pushed Wu Zhang away and blood crept up her face as she ran her fingers through her hair to adjust her looks.

"I am sorry!" Wu Zihao ran out after closing the door behind him with the speed which was much faster than how he had entered.

"Why did you push me away?" Wu Zhang asked like a sulking child.

"There was somebody at the door." 

"So what?" If things were his way, he would tell the entire world that she was his and would always be his. He was the kind of man who would never shy away from loving his woman even if the entire world was watching him because that way everyone will know whom she belonged to.

"Go and change your clothes first." Song Jia said peppering a quick kiss on his lips.

The kiss cooed the sulking child and he agreed to oblige. He pulled her in for another kiss and after pecking a few small kisses on her face he went to the bathroom to take a shower and change.

"Zhang, how is... dad?" Song Jia asked, the word dad although felt quite foreign to her.

"He has not woken up yet, but the surgery was successful."

"He will be fine, right?"

"Yes," Wu Zhang placed a small kiss on her forehead, "he will be." He knew what she was going through. She was blaming herself for his condition and wouldn't feel any better until she would make sure that he was fine.

Song Jia gave him a small push in the direction of the bathroom. "Now go and take a shower."

Wu Zhang didn't argue and got off the bed to pick his clothes and headed straight to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Song Jia picked up her phone and called Wu Zihao who answered on the first ring. "Was it you on the door?"

"No, I wasn't" Wu Zihao lied through the teeth. If there was one person in the entire world that he feared the most, then it was his elder brother. And he didn't want to face his wrath for the crime of disturbing him while he was wooing his woman.

"I know it was you, I recognized your voice. Just come back now." Song Jia exposed him very bluntly.

"Eh, can I not come?"

"What kind of friend are you to not visit your friend even after coming all the way to the hospital?" Song Jia asked with fake anger.

"Ahem... the kind that doesn't want to be beaten up by his demonic brother for not knocking while... you know..." He scratched his head awkwardly.

Song Jia rolled her eyes. "Come in right now or else I will tell your brother that you called him demonic." She loved poking fun at him bu using Wu Zhang as her shield.

"Xiao Jia! You are too much, why do you have to bully me all the time?" Wu Zihao almost felt like crying.

"It's payback time my friend." Song Jia smirked and hung up.

Very soon a knock was heard on the door and after Song Jia answered to come in, as expected Wu Zihao entered with a basket of freshly plucked organic fruits. However, Song Jia was quite surprised to see his appearance. She was seeing him after almost a week, and his appearance had changed drastically.

Even before the incident took place, he was barely home and she had assumed that he must be staying at the old mansion. However, seeing his appearance she doubted if he even went there.

The mischevious smile and the glimmer that he always had in his eyes was gone. His skin looked pale and he had even lost a few pounds, making him look very thin. He had dark circles around his eyes and his unkempt beard was the proof that he had not shaved for many days. 

"What happened to you? Why do you look so... haggard." Song Jia was quite surprised to see him in this state.

The man who never took less than an hour to get ready before leaving the house looked so worn out today that he had not even taken a shower and had come to visit her in his pajamas paired with a casual shirt with hairs that have not been combed and face that looked tired beyond words.

Her heart sank seeing her friend in this state and she couldn't help but worry for him.

"Oh never mind, I am good." Wu Zihao brushed off the topic with a laugh and after placing the basket of fruits on the bedstand he pulled the chair next to her bed to sit on it.

"Is everything okay?" She didn't believe everything was okay.

"Yes, forget about me now and tell me how are you feeling?" He asked with a smile that had no happiness attached to it. Song Jia's heart ached to see him in such a pitiful state. In the twenty-four years of her life, she had never seen him so miserable.

"I am fine." She was mature enough to understand that he was not ready to share his feelings with her now and she knew how to respect personal choices so she didn't probe him further. Although it didn't mean she would let him suffer alone. "I hope you are fine too?"

Before Wu Zihao could answer a frosty voice answered her for him. "Yes, he is." The demonic brother then turned around to Wu Zihao and said, "Don't forget to knock the next time you enter."

Wu Zihao merely nodded and Wu Zhang added further. "Go and change your appearance now. You look terrible."

"I was leaving anyway, I have got some work to take care of. Get well soon, I will take my leave now." He said to Song Jia and then reached for the door to open it.
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