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Wu Zhang had a very strange feeling in his heart after Liu Anna left. He understood where she was coming from. Being away from your child for so long, having another family with another daughter and a loving husband and knowing that your firstborn daughter might hate you, it was hard to show up all of a sudden and tell her that she was her mother.

He decided to let Liu Anna take her time but he would make sure that one day she stands in front of Song Jia and tell her the truth. He then went to the leather couch to shut down his laptop and wrap up his work for the day when a nurse knocked on the door, before coming inside. "Her IV has to be removed."

Wu Zhang nodded and let her do her work while he went to the bathroom that was attached to the room. He took a shower, changed into his pajamas that Li Jing had brought for him and laid down next to Song Jia on the same bed which was spacious enough for two people to lay on it. He scooted closer to her, took her in his arms and drifted to sleep.

In the morning, the door to Song Jia's ward was opened by a nurse. She came inside and drew the curtains of the room to let some light in. And when she turned around and saw such a handsome man lying on the bed in his pajamas, she forgot to breathe for a moment. Seeing his smooth copper-like slightly tanned skin she couldn't remember why she was here anymore. His smooth chest and toned abs brought her on the verge of drooling and without even realizing, she had subconsciously taken a few steps closer to have a better look of this dangerously handsome man. Little did she know she was being observed by someone else who was glaring daggers at her.

Song Jia who has been asleep from the last afternoon, scrunched her brows when the light fell on her angelic face. She slightly rubbed her face and wiggled to turn around when she realized that a warm human blanket was wrapped around her. She opened her eyes and blinked a few times to adjust her sight to the light. And when she did, she found out that she was lying in Wu Zhang's embrace who was deep asleep.

With very gentle and cautious moments, making sure she did not wake him up, she turned around to see a nurse staring at her man. She didn't know she was the jealous kind until she felt a surge of anger rising within her because some other woman was feasting on her man's half-nude body.

Reacting on her instincts she immediately pulled the blanket up to cover Wu Zhang till his neck and tucked him underneath so that not even an inch of his skin was visible anymore. After she was satisfied with her work, she turned around to face the nurse who has just snapped out of her daze on Song Jia's movement and almost tumbled on her feet in her concern to not get caught.

"What do you think you were doing?" Song Jia whispered and then realized how raspy her voice has become due to such a long sleep.

"I- I came here to check on you." The nurse fumbled to speak. Her face had turned a bright shade of crimson red on being caught and she lowered her head to not meet Song Jia's gaze.

"Then check on me only, and not my man." She made sure to speak in a low voice because she didn't want to wake Wu Zhang up who was sleeping so peacefully without any trace of worry on his calm face, which was a very rare sight.

The poor nurse frantically nodded her head in embarrassment and stepped forward to pull out her observation charts from the bedside stand. She observed Song Jia's readings, measured her temperature, noted down everything on the pad and then left the room as quickly as she could.

After the nurse left, Song Jia turned towards Wu Zhang to look at him again. And when she did, she realized why the poor nurse couldn't take her eyes away from him, He was just too handsome to be real. His beauty didn't reduce the slightest bit even when he was sound asleep. He, in fact, looked much more appealing like this.

Without averting her gaze from him, she slowly lifted her arm and reached for his face, to gently caress it with her fingers. But, before she could even touch his face, her wrist was caught in a firm grip and the next moment she was flipped with her back on the bed, with the handsome man who was lying right beside her seconds ago, now laying on top of her with his weight on his arms.

She was not prepared for this sudden movement and a surprised squeal escaped her mouth. Wu Zhang's right hand reached for her left one and he linked his fingers with hers. His other hand reached for a strand of her hair, that was stuck on her forehead and he started twirling it between his thumb and index finger. He gave a quick kiss on her forehead before looking right into her bottomless eyes, that looked much more relaxed now. Even the puffiness and the dark circles below her eyes had reduced a lot by now. He placed two more kisses on both her eyes before peppering one on the tip of her nose. "Good morning, my love."

"Good morning." Song Jia craned her neck a bit to reach his face and placed a small kiss on his nose.

"So, I am your man eh?" He asked with a sly smile hanging loosely on his lips.

Song Jia's eyes grew wide when the realization struck her. A deep hue of red rushed from her neck to settle until the tips of her ears. "You... you have been awake?"

Wu Zhang nodded his head. "I woke up right when that nurse entered." 

"You sly fox, you have been pretending to be asleep all this while when you were awake?!" Song Jia asked with fake anger in her voice but the smile that reached up to her deep hazel eyes said otherwise.

Wu Zhang laughed, and his chest rumbled, which Song Jia clearly felt on her bosom. His laughter gave her the same soothing effect which one gets while walking barefoot over the blades of grass on a spring morning that is covered with crystal-like dew drops that settle themselves there throughout the night. "Guilty as charged, my lady."

With that, he placed a loving kiss on her mouth. He was ecstatic about her calling him his man. He didn't mind that she had not yet confessed her love to him but he was happy about the progress that they have made.
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