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Wu Zhang silently left Song Jia's room to go outside. In the waiting area came two guards following after a woman who looked quite reluctant to walk. Since it was snowing outside, the weather was quite cold and the woman's face was partially covered with a hoodie.

The three people reached to the lobby where Wu Zhang was already sitting and the two guards bowed to him, while the woman stood in her place—without even lifting her head.

"Boss this is the woman, that was trying to sneak inside."

Wu Zhang glanced at her and flicked his wrists in the direction of the two guards. "You can go."

The guards bowed again and then left on his order.

"Who are you?" Wu Zhang asked irrespective of knowing the answer.

The woman chose to stay silent.

Wu Zhang chuckled. "If you are not willing to speak, then it's alright. My men are spread everywhere and you won't be able to leave until you don't open your mouth."

"Do you really think you will be able to keep me here for long?" The woman asked with her face still bobbed down. The dim lights of the corridor falling on her face that was not covered.

"You can try me out. Even your husband won't be able to trace you, Mrs. Zhao."

The woman's body stiffened when her name was called out and her back straightened unconsciously but she immediately regained her previous posture. To have always been a sharp observer, the quick shift in her body language didn't go unnoticed from Wu Zhang's hawk eyes, proving his instincts further right.

"What makes you think I am who I am?"

"Well if you ain't then just reveal your face and it will be proved that you are not." Wu Zhang crossed his left leg over his right as he leaned back at the couch.

She was quiet for a long time, before she decided to finally take off her hood. "I guess you have recognized me so there is no point in hiding my identity anymore."

Her hazel eyes shone like the finest of emeralds in the dim lights of the corridors. Most of the lights had been turned off as it was past nine, so the corridors were also very quiet. Wu Zhang looked at her eys and finally understood where his woman had gotten her eyes from, they were just the same like her mother.

"Yes, I have indeed recognized you Mrs. Zhao Liu Anna." Wu Zhang answered calmly.

"You... you know?"

"I knew long before I met you in the charity auction. I was just waiting for you to appear yourself."

Liu Anna walked forward and sat on the empty armchair next to his. "I couldn't stop myself from coming after I heard what has happened." After a short pause, she continued again. "I have assigned a few people who report to me every major information about my daughter."

"I know and I must say your sources are quite efficient." Wu Zhang and Liu Anna both chuckled.

"How is he?" Both knew who the 'he' was.

"Under observation. The surgery was successful but he will have to stay back for some time until he recovers fully.

Liu Anna nodded her head in understanding. The next moment her eyes scanned the entire waiting area as if she was looking for someone. "Where is Xiao Jia?"

"She is resting. Whatever happened was too much of a shock for her and she couldn't take it, so her body collapsed."

"When did this happen? How is she now?" Liu Anna asked with the maternal concern obvious on her face.

"Your sources ain't as efficient as I thought they are now."

Liu Anna ignored his mockery and with a serious look on her face asked him again, "How is she?"

Wu Zhang raised a brow. "You want to meet her?"

Liu Anna was quiet for sometime before a sad smile crept up on her face and she shook her head. "I have lost my right to meet her as her mother anymore and Mrs. Zhao has got no business with her to meet her at this odd hour."

"You don't intend to tell her who you are?" Wu Zhang asked with a hint of surprise in his eyes. Seeing her silently admitting to his question he further commented, "I thought your motive to come back to the country was to reunite with her."

His words made her chuckle without any humor. "All the space in her heart has been occupied without any corner left for me. But you are right young man when I returned I did want to tell her who I am, but now I think she is better off without me. She is happy and she has grown up into a beautiful and intelligent woman. If I come back in her life, it will just mess up things further for her, which I don't want."

Wu Zhang stood up from the couch he was sitting on and straightened his lapel, and so did Liu Anna. "Come with me."

Even though Liu Anna was more than twice his age, the aura that Wu Zhang emanated was just too much to deny his words. Without knowing where he was taking her, she followed him quietly to end up outside a private ward.

She peeped in from the door whose upper half was made up of glass, to see a serene woman laying on the bed inside. Her features even though were beautiful, she still looked tired and worn out. Her hazel eyes that she had inherited from her mother were closed and she was sleeping peacefully.

"My daughter..." A tear rolled down from Liu Anna's eyes and she clutched tightly on to the handle of the door.

Wu Zhang's gaze was also fixed on Song Jia and without breaking his gaze he spoke in a low voice, "She deserves to know who her mother is. Life has been very unfair to her and even if you are afraid that she might refuse to acknowledge you, she still has the right to know the truth."

Liu Anna opened the door without making any sound and headed to the bed. Seeing her from so close her calm broke down and tears ran freely from her eyes. She took her hand and caressed it softly. She then wiped her tears and bent down to place a gentle kiss on Song Jia's forehead before she turned to face Wu Zhang and whispered in a raspy voice. "If she ever talks about me in the future, can you tell her that her mother loves her a lot?"

Saying that she placed back Song Jia's hand carefully on the bed. Wu Zhang glanced at Liu Anna's face and he knew where the conversation was heading to. "Take good care of my daughter Wu Zhang, she is a very precious gem." Her voice broke down and she took her time to be able to speak again, "How ironic it is, isn't it?" She looked around the room. "The last time I saw her before leaving was also in a hospital and tonight when I see her is in a hospital again."

No one spoke anything and Liu Anna took one final glance at her daughter before she opened the door of the room and left in the darkness of the night.
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