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Wu Zhang had no intentions of leaving the hospital premises until Song Jia woke up. Song Chen's surgery was also successfully done and he was transferred to another VVIP private ward as per the directions of Song Guang and had not gained consciousness till now.

"How is he?" Song Guang asked when he was sitting inside the chamber of the head doctor who had performed the surgery on Song Chen.

"The surgery was successful, but he would have to recuperate properly to be able to recover fully." The doctor answered respectfully to him. "And as for his exact condition, we can only comment on it once he regains consciousness and we perform all the necessary tests on him."

"How long will it take for him to get conscious?'

"It must take less than twenty hours, and as for the exact time, nothing can be said. "

Song Guang hummed and then left the cabin.

After he had made sure that his son and granddaughter would be fine, and adding a few more of his people to the already appointed security personnel of Wu Zhang he decided to leave the hospital to go back home. He has aged and his health didn't allow him to stay in the hospital for long, otherwise, he would not have left.

Before leaving the hospital, he went to see Wu Zhang again. "CEO Wu, Can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Yes, Mr. Song." Wu Zhang put his laptop aside that he had been working on for more than two hours continuously.

"My men told me that Yue Ling has been arrested?" Song Guang inquired.

"You heard it right. She has indeed."

"I assume it was you who prevented the matter from coming out?" He didn't have to guess to know who was responsible for the news about Yue Ling to not reach the media, not even the biggest media houses of the city.

Wu Zhang's lips slightly curled upwards, and he just nodded his head without giving a definite answer. He had ordered Li Jing to make sure the news wasn't leaked by either the cops or the resort because it would tarnish the reputation of the Song family, which Song Jia wouldn't like. He would let her decide what should be told to the public once she wakes up.

"So do I need to ask if you have any specific intention behind your action?''

"You don't Mr. Song because I will deal with that woman personally." He knew there was no point in hiding his intentions from Song Guang because the man was not a fool to not understand such a small thing. However, he chose to keep his mouth shut over what he intended to do. "She dared to stab Jia, if not for her father, it would have been Jia on that bed instead of your son."

Song Guang just nodded his head. "Alright, then I will let you deal with the matter. That is all I wanted to know before leaving."


Song Guang got up from the couch and after pondering over if he should say the next words or not, he finally decided to say it. "CEO Wu thank you for taking care of my granddaughter. You did everything for her that we as a family failed to do for her." His voice was filled with sadness and regret which was not hard to point out.

His words finally caught Wu Zhang's interest and this time he actually heard them curiously. "My Xiao Jia is very precious to me but I somehow still failed to see through the mask that she always wore on her face. I will always regret not being by her side during such a tough childhood, but if it is you that can make up for all that she has lost while growing up, I won't hold back from giving you kids my blessings. Just keep her happy as you have done until now, or else I will come after your life."

Wu Zhang chuckled. "Old man, you have got to have a giant's gut to say that." He was referring to the last line. Even though he said it, he was still happy to have received Song Jia's grandfather's blessings because it was important for her.

"I won't let any harm come her way again." Not feeling afraid at all, Song Guang left with his caretaker, stomping his cane on the floors of the quiet corridors.

Wu Zhang took his laptop to Song Jia's ward and placed it on the leather couch there. He checked up on her who was sleeping peacefully. He rubbed his thumb pad gently under her eyes which was covered with faint dark circles. "You stupid woman, when will you learn to take care of yourself?"

He then peppered a gentle kiss on her forehead and then got back to his work when almost an hour later his phone rang. It was one of the bodyguards that were assigned outside the VVIP entry to prevent any intruder from getting inside.

"What is it?" His voice was low, afraid that he would wake up the sleeping beauty.

"Boss a woman had come a minute back, seeking entry to visit Miss Song. But we stopped her and—"

"Where is she now?" Wu Zhang didn't let the guard finish. He had an intuition as to who the woman could be.

"We had sent her back once previously but she came back again. So we have captured her as she was trying to sneak inside."

"Bring her inside." Wu Zhang ordered and hung up, before getting up from the couch and leaving the room.
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