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Song Jia laughed hearing the words 'my Feng', while Wu Zhang was curious to know what this woman was upto. He had no interest in Fei Yan and Feng Ying.

"What are you laughing at?" Fei Yan was getting pissed off as she tucked her arms with Feng Ying's, and with the corner of her eye looked at Wu Zhang's expression. Wu Zhang on the other hand and no reaction at all. All his attention was for his lady, Song Jia.

"Ask 'your Feng' what business he is in?" She looked mockingly at Feng Ying, and Feng Ying on the other hand was so ashamed that he did not even dare to make an eye contact with her.

Fei Yan turned towards Feng Ying, expecting him to say something to shut Song Jia up. But he was just standing their like a fool.

"He won't be able to speak, I will tell you, his multi billion dollar business runs by fooling around with multi billion rich girls and extracting money from them. Isn't it Mr. Feng?"

Feng Ying was so embarassed, that his face turned red from shame. He suddenly pushed away Fei Yan's arm and immediately ran away from the ball room, without looking back for even once.

After all the drama, Wu Zhang laughed and then turned to Song Jia, holding her hand he said, "Let's go. You haven't eaten yet."

Song Jia just nodded her head and they walked away, leaving the embarassed Fei Yan behind. For the past few days, Song Jia has controlled her emotions a lot, but seeing Feng Ying again, she found it hard to hold back. Wu Zhang had noticed her uneasiness, although he did not know what had happened to her, but he did not speak anything and just pressed her hand he was holding. Song Jia noticed the little gesture and looked at him with a faint smile.

Wu Zhang took her to the private dinning room, arranged for the VIP guests. As they got seated, a wait staff poured wine in her glass and Song Jia gulped it down in one go. Then she gestured the staff to pour more. It repeated thrice, before Wu Zhang signalled the staff to leave. Song Jia blinked her eyes a few times and a tear drop rolled down from the corner of her eyes. Wu Zhang looked at her patiently, without saying anything. After a moment of silence, Song Jia spoke, "That Feng Ying is my ex. We broke up just four days back and he has started dating someone else." She scoffed in self mockery.

Wu Zhang wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her shoulder. Because it was a private dinning area and the guests were all of high status no one cared to gossip about them.

They sat their for sometimes silently, but Song Jia could not take it anymore and looked at Wu Zhang. She had become a little tipsy by now and her eyes were red. Before she could even open her mouth to say something, Wu Zhang stood up and said, "Let's go."


"You will see." and he extended his hand to her. She took his hand and left they left the place. As soon as they got in the car Song Jia broke down in tears. Wu Zhang started the car, with one hand he held her hand and with the other, he drove.

None of them spoke anything, and the only sound in the car was Song Jia's sobbing. After driving for sometime, Wu Zhang halted the car near an overbridge. It was a quiet area and more or less looked desserted. No people were to be seen nearby. Wu Zhang got off and went around to open Song Jia's door. Song Jia looked around and did not know what he was thinking.

"Come out." He said calmly.

Song Jia got off the car and wiped her tear. Wu Zhang took her hand and started walking at one side. They reached the middle of the bridge and then Wu Zhang turned to look in Song Jia's eyes.

"Cry all you want to. No need to hold back." He stared deep in her eyes and continued, "But cry out everything tonight and do not cry ever again. You have no idea, how much my heart hurts seeing you in tears."
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