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The waiting area was utterly silent with no one speaking anything. Song Guang was too aggrieved to talk about anything and Wu Zhang didn't care to strike up another conversation with him. Wei Xin had gone to take care of the matters of the company since both Song Jia and Song Chen were in the hospital and in their absence, her words had the same authority as that of Song Jia as she directly represented her.

Wu Zhang pulled out his phone and called Li Jing. "Bring me my laptop and fresh flowers to put in Jia's room."

Being a workaholic he thought it would be best to work till Song Jia woke up. Li Jing on the other end couldn't help asking, "which flower?"

"All that you can find in the market." With that, Wu Zhang hung up. Song Guang heard the short conversation of Wu Zhang and felt happy. He had sent his people to investigate his relationship with Song Jia after she told him about their relationship and he was quite amused to know how much this man doted on his granddaughter.

Not that Wu Zhang didn't know about him being investigated but he didn't mind it because those were Song Guang's men, therefore, he let them finish it without any hurdles.
After a very long time Song Guang spoke in a heavy voice, "If only I would have tried to find out more about that woman, it would have prevented my granddaughter's life from getting spoiled. I have ruined the lives of both, my son and granddaughter. Now I can't help wondering how things would have turned out to be had I not asked my son to marry her. I had no idea that she had stepped into the business of selling her body, otherwise, I would have never even considered making her a member of our family.

Wu Zhang chose to keep quiet because he had always had the same thoughts. He didn't care about what happened back then or why Yue Ling turned out to be the way she did. But the impact that woman had made on Song Jia's life mattered a lot to him. Her actions had scarred his woman for life and those scars ran too deep to be erased so easily.

"I never thought that woman would turn out to be so evil. The child I met back then was very sincere and a kindhearted woman whom I thought would keep my son and grandaughter happy." His grief-filled words were very heart aching to hear but it didn't matter anything to Wu Zhang. All he could think of was that it was none other than Song Jia's family which had made her go through all the hardships in life whether directly or indirectly.

"I had no idea I had made such a blunder mistake back then. All I wanted was my son to be happy after his wife left him. I have wronged my son and granddaughter. CEO Wu, do you think she will forgive me?"

From all the time Wu Zhang had known Song Jia for, he knew she dearly loved her grandfather, and she would forgive him in a heartbeat. Well for the starters he knew she wouldn't even blame him, so the discussion of forgiving was not even worth it. Seeing the grief in the old man's eyes, no matter how much he hated to admit it, but he still said it, "She loves you too much to hold any hard feelings against you."

Feeling a little better, Song Guang nodded his head.

Having nothing to talk about anymore Song Guang picked up his cane that was placed next to him and got up from the couch. His caretaker who was standing nearby waiting for his orders and accompanied him everywhere immediately came up to him. "Take me to my granddaughter. I want to see her."

Very soon a crisp sound of leather shoes clicking the floor came closer, and within no time, Li Jing appeared with Wu Zhang's laptop in his hand. Following behind him came three men holding various bunches of flowers. They consisted of roses, lavenders, orchids, Mexican tuberose, sunflowers and almost every flower one could find. Only flower Li Jing had carefully omitted were lilies and Wu Zhang's hawk-like eyes didn't fail to notice it.

Li Jing placed the laptop on the coffee table in front of Wu Zhang. "Send the flowers in her room after her grandfather leaves."

"Yes, boss." Li Jing nodded and left.
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