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Two pair of footsteps immediately rushed to the doctor, even before her body fully came out of the door.

"How is she?" Wu Zhang asked with urgency clearly evident in his voice.

"She is fine. The blood trail was because she has gotten her periods and she collapsed due to fatigue and exhaustion. I will get the nurses to clean and shift her into another ward. She just needs to rest." The doctor said with a faint smile.

She was quite surprised to see Wu Zhang panicking so much over the health of the women inside. She hadn't recognized Song Jia, but she must be living under a rock to not have recognized Wu Zhang.

And as much as she had heard about Wu Zhang, she knew he was an aloof man with a cold heart. Seeing him fret so much over the health of Song Jia, she didn't need to be told that it was a matter of love.

"Can I see her?"

The doctor saw the worry in his eyes and couldn't say no. "Yes sure."

Wu Zhang pushed the door to the room open and went inside while Wei Xin chose to stay outside and let Wu Zhang have some time with Song Jia alone.

Wu Zhang's entered the room and saw her lying on the bed with an IV Drip attached to the back of her palm. He sat on a chair that was placed beside her bed and took her free hand in his.

He kissed the back of her palm and then looked at her face. She was sleeping peacefully and looked serene. With his free hand, he gently caressed her crown before whispering slowly, "Jia, I love you. I don't know how I fell in love with you but now you are the chapter of my life that can never be closed because from now our story will continue further together. I promise to take care of you and love you till my last breath. Just get well soon and I will make sure you never have to worry about anything else ever again."

A silent knock occurred on the door and Wu Zhang turned his head to see a nurse standing near it. "I have come to change the patient's clothes and shift her to a private ward."

Wu Zhang placed another kiss on the tip of her fingers before carefully placing it back and leaving the room.

He went outside and saw Wei Xin talking to an elderly man. It didn't take him long to realize that he was Song Guang, Song Jia's grandfather. He was sitting on the couch while Wei Xin stood next to him, explaining him the situation.

"Where is my granddaughter?" He asked thumping his walking stick against the floor.

"She is being transferred to a private ward." Wu Zhang answered his question.

Song Guang's aged eyes turned to the direction of the voice and he immediately recognized the owner. Wu Zhang walked up to them and bowed to him in respect before sitting on the armchair placed opposite to the couch.

"How is my granddaughter?"

"She is fine, just needs some rest." Wu Zhang's expression was stoic.

Song Guang was usually a very stern man with very less or no visible expression on his face at all, but today he had lost his calm. His wrinkled face that was usually expressionless had a very nervous look plastered on it, which refused to go.

He was equally worried about his granddaughter's mental state as much as he was worried about his son who was stabbed in the stomach by his own wife.

His granddaughter had always been very dear to him and he loved her a lot. Seeing his son and granddaughter in such state was too much for his old heart to bear. In the eyes of Wu Zhang he looked old and weak today, unlike the last time when he met him at Wave Manor where he looked tall and proud.

"How long will the surgery go on for?"

"Another hour or so. His condition was critical when we brought him here." Wu Zhang answered offering him a cup of water that Wei Xin had brought for them.
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