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In the VVIP waiting area of the hospital, Song Jia was sitting on a leather couch with her head buried in her palms and her tears flowing endlessly. She couldn't stop blaming herself for the mishap that had occurred.

Wu Zhang saw her crying and felt a pang of ache in his heart. He scooted closer to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders to only pull her closer to him.

Song Jia felt his touch and immediately buried her face in his chest, her sobs getting even louder. "Wu Zhang my father..."

"He will be alright Jia, he will be alright. But you are not allowed to lose your hopes like this." He gently rubbed her back as he tried to soothe her. "It had been a tough day for you, please rest for a while."

"It's all my fault. I... he is there because of me." Her cries showed no signs of stopping.

"It isn't your fault love. It was something inevitable, so don't blame yourself for it." He hugged her tighter.

"He will be fine, won't he?"

"Yes, he will be but for that, you will also need to be fit enough to take care of him."

"I can't sleep until I know he is fine." Song Jia shook her head, too stubborn to sleep. Her tears were ruining Wu Zhang's neatly ironed expensive suit but he didn't mind it one bit. He had neither done it in the past nor will he do it now.

His gently pressed his lips against her crown before supporting his chin on her head, without putting any pressure.

His hands continued rubbing her back in a rhythmic motion and she snuggled closer to him, trying to seek comfort in his embrace.

He was her comfort zone, just like home. His warmth always warmed her heart and somehow magically soothed her emotions too that threatened to turn into a turmoil. In his embrace, her sobs slowly died down which was a relief.

Very soon Wei Xin came running towards their direction with the sound of her high heels clicking with every urgent step that she took.

Song Jia was too engrossed in her own emotions to even register her presence but Wu Zhang noticed her arrival clearly. As soon as she came close to them, she bowed respectfully to Wu Zhang.

"Bring her a cup of warm water." He ordered her.

Wei Xin read his lips and nodded before heading to the water dispenser nearby. She came back with lukewarm water and handed the cup to Wu Zhang.

Wu Zhang gently nudged Song Jia. "Drink some water, Jia."

He was surprised to receive no response from her. To check, he pulled her back to only realize that her eyes were closed.

If one didn't know well, they would have thought that she had fallen asleep, but Wu Zhang knew she had not as she was a very light sleeper who would wake even with the slightest of movements so there was no chance of her not waking up when he nudged her.

He took his thumb to her lower lip and pulled it down to see her teeth clenched together very tightly against each other. His suspicion was right. She had lost her consciousness.

Wu Zhang immediately panicked and placed the cup on a nearby table. He immediately ordered Wei Xin again. "Go and find a doctor, she has fainted."

Wei Xin didn't even wait for him to finish his sentence and ran to look for a nurse.

Meanwhile Wu Zhang took his hand to her cheek and patted it gently. "Jia wake up—"

He paused when he noticed a thin trail of blood formed on her thigh. Her clothes had a few patches of Song Chen's blood but that shouldn't form a trail on her thigh.

Without waiting for the doctors to come, he picked her up in his arms and rushed to look for a doctor himself.

On his way he met Wei Xin and a female doctor that was following after her. "Look at her, she is bleeding. I think she is hurt somewhere."

"Please come this way." The doctor pointed to an examination room that was nearby and Wu Zhang followed her.

Wu Zhang placed Song Jia on the examination bed and came out with Wei Xin following behind.

The doctor was taking her time to examine Song Jia inside, but with every passing minute, Wu Zhang grew even more restless.

He paced back and forth in the hall without stopping for even once until the door to the examination room opened.
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