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Song Jia couldn't bring herself to forgive the man in front of her. What broke her heart the most was that till the last minute until he was slapped with proof he was not ready to believe her. He not only not trusted her, but also accused her of conspiring against his wife which was too much for her to take.

He came to ask for her forgiveness only when all the belief of his about Yue Ling was shattered, and her actions had broken him to the core. She knew that if there had been even the slightest bit of Yue Ling's action that could have made him forgive her, he would have again chosen that retched women instead of her.

Song Jia rocked her heart and decided to never cry again for the man who had never considered her his daughter. All her life she hoped for him to love her, but now she had understood that she would never receive it and it wasn't in her nature to pick over the leftovers of others. The love that he would shower on her would be the one that he had originally wanted to give to Yue Ling, so she didn't want it anymore.

"Let's go Zhang." She said tugging at Wu Zhang's arm.

"Xiao Jia wait..."
Song Jia paused and Wu Zhang walked to the door alone to instruct Peng Hai over some matter.

She turned around and with emotionless eyes, and said, "If you have even slightest bit of remorse then make sure to hand her over to the cops. They have already been called and will be here any minute now."

All the calm that Yue Ling had managed to fake on her face collapsed when she heard that Song Jia had called the cops. She already found it way too hard to digest the fact that it was Song Jia who had snitched on her to Song Chen, but now that she had also called the cops to arrest her, Yue Ling was out for blood.

Her body was trembling with anger as she took a few more steps backward carefully, without catching anyone's attention and picked up the knife that was lying near the foot of the bed. She picked it up slowly and charged towards Song Jia who was about to walk to the door.

"Song Jia, you have ruined my life and I will not spare you, you daughter of a bitch!"

Song Jia froze in her place when she saw Yue Ling charging towards her with a knife. Before she could even figure out the circumstance and when Yue Ling was just an arm's distance away from her, a tall figure appeared in front of her blocking her view.

In her haste to kill her, Yue Ling couldn't stop her self at the last moment and drove the knife through the person's stomach who had stepped in between Song Jia and her.

"Aah!" A small gasp escaped Song Chen's mouth and his eyes bulged out of his socket. His body leaned forward and the next moment it slumped on the floor on his knees with a thud.

Yue Ling was taken aback with this sudden turn of events and immediately pulled the knife out from his abdomen when she realized that it was none other than Song Chen whom she had stabbed.

"Dad!" Song Jia charged toward Song Chen to support him and caught him before his upper body fell on the floor. She laid him on his lap and patted his cheek.

His eyelids were dropping and he had a faint smile tugging on his lips despite the pain. His lips quivered as he managed to murmur "I am sorry Xiao Jia" with great difficulty.

"Shh! Don't talk dad. Don't talk. Why did you do this? Keep your eyes open okay, I am right here. Just keep your eyes open." She then turned to the men standing near the door and screamed. "Take him to the hospital!"

Yue Ling threw the knife on the floor and remorse filled her eyes, when she realized what she had done. She was too scared to stay here any more. She started panicking and charged towards the door to escape from here.

Wu Zhang who had been a few seconds late to stop Yue Ling was standing right next to Song Jia. Even before Song Jia had screamed. he had already signaled his men to come forward and help to take Song Chen to hospital.

He then noticed Yue Ling who was trying to sneak out and he immediately flicked his two fingers and his men came forward to stop Yue Ling from running away.
This b***h dared to harm his woman, he would make sure that she faced his rath that was even worse than hell.

Song Jia forgot everything around her and rushed after the men who were carrying her father to take him to the hospital. No matter how angry she was at him, he was still her father and at such a crucial moment all her grudges had washed away.

"Leave me! Let me go you b******s, I will kill all of you!" she started screaming and struggling to free herself from Wu Zhang's men, but all her efforts went in vain. They were too strong for her to escape.

Wu Zhang threw a sharp glance in her direction, before turning to Peng Hai who was at the door. "You know what to do."

Peng Hai nodded his head and Wu Zhang left the room, taking long strides to catch up with Song Jia.
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