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Song Jia felt a headache coming her way. Getting so much information, all at the same time was just too much to absorb. She looked at Yue Ling and had the urge to slap her as well. She took her hand to her forehead and pressed it slightly to calm herself.

"Xiao Jia..." It was Song Chen.

Song Jia lifted her head to look at him and her heart instantly started to ache. She just wanted to lift the curtain of Yue Ling's fake personality that covered his eyes and make him see the reality. She was sure angry at him and didn't know if she will ever be able to forgive him or not, but she didn't want to see him so dejected. Today, in front of her, he stood like a loser who had made a fool of himself, for the majority of his life.

"Yes...?" She asked softly.

"I... I don't know how to say this and I know I have lost my right to ask for forgiveness from you. So, let me just say this okay?" He took a deep breath before talking again. "Xiao Jia I am sorry for being so unfair to you all these years. I have been a terrible father to you and deprived you of all the love and care that I should have provided you while you were growing up. Instead of believing my daughter, I trusted an outsider who turned out to be a vixen in disguise and brought so much pain to my daughter, my blood." He felt a lump forming in his throat and it was getting harder for him to prevent himself from crying.

"I am sorry for sending you away even after you screamed that you were innocent and begged me to keep you back. I... I had been blinded, Xiao Jia. I always thought it was your disease because of which Liu Anna left me back then, so deep down I blamed you for her departure. By the time I had brought myself to accept you, I lost my son and this time as well it somehow was connected to you. I am sorry..." His voice choked from the grief and he could not talk anymore.

Song Jia looked at him with squinted eyes. "It was not my choice to contact Leukemia back then. I don't know why your first wife left us but I was a baby. If I had been given the choice, I would have preferably died rather than to live such a loveless life. And I am not quite surprised to find out how much you loathed me to even believe that a seven-year-old girl could commit murder. Ever since I could remember, I have always tried my best to please you, to— hick!" she had cried so much that she started hiccuping.

Wu Zhang gently patted her back, but she didn't stop, she wanted to tell him what she felt. "—I had always tried to please you, to make you look at me like other father's look at their daughters, but it never happened." She chuckled dryly. Her tears had dried and she was not crying anymore.

"Mr. Song you cannot even fathom what trauma you have made me go through and you are right, I can never forgive you for this—"

"Xiao Jia I—"

"Forget it, Mr. Song. It is only now that you have come to accept me wholeheartedly because you now know that your wife was in wrong. What if the truth could have never been exposed?"

Song Chen went silent.

"I will tell you, you would have continued to prioritize her over me and things would have still been the same way they have always been. I haven't forgotten the way you doubted my intentions when I had told you about her affair with Yang Deming. Just answer my one question okay. And if you do it right, I will forget everything in the past and start afresh."

When Song Jia had mentioned 'I had told you about her affair with Yang Deming' no one noticed it, but it had caught Yue Ling's interest who had just stood up a minute back. Her face that was just a few minutes looked so apologetic was now again getting covered with anger. 'So it was this bitch who had brought her husband here to expose her and spoil her life' she thought to herself. She clenched her fingers into tight fists but prevented herself from lashing out at her.

"What do you want to know?" asked Song Chen.

"If it had been Yue Ling at my place who would have come to you to expose my dirty work, would you have doubted her intentions too, the way you doubted mine?"

Song Chen went silent and his head bobbed down again. He struggled to give an answer but he could not manage to.

Song Jia looked at him fumbling to speak and clicked her tongue. "Your silence gave it off Mr. Song, I got my answer."
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