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After the doctor told everything, entered another person in the room whom no one had noticed until now. Both Song Jia and Song Chen felt very shocked to see him. It was the former director of their company Jiang Xuan who had left the company and the city after he was attacked in N City.

"Director Jiang, what are you doing here?" Song Jia asked with a surprise. Seeing him here, soon developed a skeptical feeling in her heart which she couldn't put in words at that moment.

"I was called by CEO Wu." Director Jiang answered after bowing to Song Jia and Song Chen.

"Don't tell me..." Her voice trailed off, not able to complete the sentence.

"Yes, I was attacked by her people in N City because I had accidentally run into Madam Song and her lover there. The attack was meant to kill me, but by God's grace, I survived. Later on, I was threatened with the life of my family and mine and therefore had to leave the city."

"Was the lover that man over there?" Song Jia asked pointing towards the bed.

It was only when Song Jia pointed to the bed, did Jiang Xuan noticed the bloodshed in the room. His eyes widened in shock and his mouth gaped open. He was shocked to the core to see such cruel site. "He... he..."

"He is dead." Wu Zhang spoke voluntarily as if he was talking about the weather. "Is he the man you saw her with?"

Too shocked to speak, Jiang Xuan just nodded his head frantically in affirmation to Wu Zhang's question, thus admitting that it was indeed Yang Deming. After some time, when he calmed the slightest bit, he added. "Miss Wei Xin... your assistant was also kidnapped by his people as a warning to not to try to go into the depths of my accident."

The room was silent for a very long time and no one spoke anything. Song Chen was too embarrassed to even look at Song Jia, much less making eye contact with her. His head was hung low and tears rolled down his cheeks. His fingers were clenched in a tight fist and he was trying hard to not break down right there. In the span of just a few minutes, his face started looking tired and he seemed to have aged by at least a decade.

Song Jia who was standing next to Wu Zhang was in no better state. She stood rooted to the ground and tears ran down like small beads of crystal, freely from her eyes. Wu Zhang saw her and realized she was on the verge of breaking down as well. He extended his arm towards her silently and yanked her towards him only for her to collide in his hard muscular chest.

All the grief that she had kept stored inside her all these years, all the injustice that had been done upon her by her father was now pouring out with those teardrops. All this time he had chosen this despicable woman over her, thinking that she was alone and needed him, to only realize now that all the wrongs had been done upon her by no one but herself. They were in real her sins which she had very cleverly covered by pushing all the blame on Song Jia.

Her mother had left her when she was too young to remember her. Her father had distanced himself from her and they had drifted further apart after Yue Ling came into their lives. To not to have had received the love from any of her parent's while growing up was a very painful feeling in itself. Even though Wu Zhang had never experienced any such thing, he still understood that her sorrows were deep, buried in the depths of her heart. And to have been deprived of the care and love of their parents because of someone else's fault was just too much to bear with.

After gaining some courage, Song Chen finally turned to face Song Jia and opened his mouth to apologize to her. But no matter how much he tried, the words just refused to come out of his mouth.

Wu Zhang felt that Song Jia's sobs were getting louder now and the room they were standing in wasn't helping due to its filthy environment. Therefore he patted her shoulder and turned her around to take her home since everything of her concern here was already done.

When they reached the door, Song Jia paused and turned around, her gaze directly falling on Song Chen. Song Chen got a little startled and was not really prepared for it. Even before his lips could part, Song Jia's gaze moved to Yue Ling who was still slumped on the floor. "So I guess this was what Nanny Lin had heard, while she had gone to the Song Mansion."

Yue Ling clearly looked confused because she had no clue of what Song Jia was talking about. She didn't even know that there was someone else too who had overheard her conversation. Wu Zhang looked at Yue Ling first and then at Song Jia. "Yes, I got my people to hire a lip reader and it turned out that it was about your brother's death that she had found out. She had found out how she had killed her own son and that he wasn't your father's child. She wanted to come over and tell this to you but had an argument with her husband. Lin Dong didn't want her to meddle in your family's business, especially after finding out to what lengths could she go... and the rest you know."
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