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'Is she speaking the truth?' This was the very question Song Jia also wanted to ask Yue Ling. Eyes of all the people present, never left Yue Ling, while her head was hung low and she was trying to avoid eye contact with everyone.

She struggled to speak but found nothing to say and her silence finally gave it off. Unable to hold himself, Song Chen stepped forward and the next moment a loud sound rang across the room.


Yue Ling's naturally pale skin had turned red from the impact of the slap on her cheek. A big hand was imprinted on her right cheek which was slowly turning blue. For a few minutes, Yue Ling couldn't even register what exactly had happened and when she did, the rim of her eyes had turned red from the pain. Never in these eighteen years of her being wed to Song Chen had he ever spoken loudly to her, lest hitting her.

After slapping her, Song Chen shook his head lightly, feeling dejected. His eyes had watered as the entire conversation brought back to him the faded yet sweet memories of his deceased son. He still found it so hard to believe that this fragile-looking woman standing in front of him would turn out to be such a witch that she would kill her own child. At that moment, in Song Chen's eyes, she was even worse than an animal because not even animals kill their offspring. The feeling of rage continued to bubble inside him and he couldn't help himself due to which he ended up planting another slap to her on her left cheek and no one cared to stop him.

This time Yue Ling lost her balance due to the impact of the slap which was manifolds than the previous one and slumped to the ground with a loud thud. No one cared to help her and she stayed in the same position in which she had fallen. Drops of tears started rolling down her eyes and after mixing with the blood that was smeared on her face, fell on the ground in front of her.

"You ungrateful motherf****ng b***h! How could you do this?!" Song Chen's entire body was shivering from the anger boiling inside him and it was probably the first time he had verbally abused someone. "How could you hate someone so much that in order to get rid of her you murdered the very own son that you gave birth to?"

Stream of tears continued running down from Song Chen's eyes which were a result of both anger and guilt. "Tell me Ling didn't you ever feel even the slightest bit of remorse for killing our so—"

"CEO Song, he wasn't your son." While Song Chen was still raging mad, words of Wu Zhang made him pause. Both Song Jia and he turned to look at Wu Zhang to ensure if they heard it right.

"Zhang what are you saying?" Song Jia gasped at the information. Her face that was smeared wet with tears now looked shocked.

"What rubbish are you spouting CEO Wu?" Song Chen was not in his right mind to understand who he was talking to.

With a movement of Wu Zhang's two fingers, the two men that were holding the maid took her away and the other two underlings stepped forward, nudging the man who looked like a doctor to step forward with them.

"He is the doctor that had treated her son after he got injured." Wu Zhang made sure to put an extra emphasis on 'her son.'

Song Chen immediately recognized the man and with an arched eyebrow, asked suspiciously. "He knows?"

"Yes, I know." The man answered himself. "The child had injured a few of his internal organs during the fall and had lost too much blood. We needed to transfuse blood and it was at that time I had discovered that the child's blood matched with none of his parents. Before I could have come to ask blood types of the relatives for donating blood, the man over there with this woman had come to threaten me and make sure this information was kept confidential." He was pointing to Yang Deming's corpse that now lay lifeless. "The man had also donated his blood which matched with the blood type of that boy. To confirm my suspicion I had matched their DNA secretly and it had surprisingly matched."

The room was dead silent for a while. Yue Ling sat on the floor, staring at her fingernails—not daring to look at anyone. Due to the impact of the slaps both her cheeks had turned bluish-green and with the blood smeared on her face, she looked extremely horrible.

She had not been scared when she killed Yang Deming because she had been wanting to get rid of him and live a peaceful life.

He had used her in every possible way he could for keeping the secret that she had killed their son. She had to beg him for not telling about her sins to Song Chen because she didn't want to lose her status as Madam Song.

There had been a time when Song Chen was nothing in front of Yang Deming, but after her son was born Yang Deming had indirectly helped their business grow which had eventually long surpassed the status of Yang Deming himself. Seeing her begging he had released all his anger on her, by hitting her, humiliating her and even offering her to his American clients who had a fetish for cougar. She was fed up of him and therefore didn't even think twice before ending his life.
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