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Wu Zhang looked like a king entering the scene with his subordinates following behind him. His chin was held high, with a stoic expression on his face and a chilling aura emanating from him. One of his hands was tucked in the pocket of his jacket that hung around his shoulders and his long legs took large strides to reach them. He was being followed by a number of men, who were his underlings, one man in the uniform of a doctor who was being pulled by two of those underlings and one poor looking women who was captured by two other underlings to be dragged to the room.

When Wu Zhang reached the door where everyone stood, he slightly bobbed his head in response to the greetings of Song Chen and the rest before walking up to Song Jia and wrapping his arms around her slender waist to pull her in for a hug.

Even though his face was cold and expressionless, with Song Jia in his arms his eyes had softened like a bright day of spring with fresh flowers blooming everywhere. He looked at her horrified face and gently pecked her forehead to comfort her which surprisingly worked as well. With him near her, Song Jia looked a lot calmer now.

Wu Zhang's eyes then shifted to the insides of the room and he showed no reaction on his face whatsoever even after seeing the blood spilled everywhere in the room. For someone who had deep roots in the underworld, even such a gruesome scene meant nothing to him. He had actually even figured out that murder or something very close to it had taken place when he was in the corridor, from the faint metallic smell of blood that was coming from the room.

Yue Ling who was still standing inside the room stepped forward and grabbed Song Chen's arm, taking him by surprise. "Chen, believe me, I haven't done anything. I didn't cheat on you. I was forcefully brought here."

Apart from the blood smeared on her face, her face still looked pitiful and innocent. She still looked like the delicate white lotus she has always been. The only difference this time was that it was not enough to make Song Chen believe her this time.

Had he not seen her heartlessly murdering someone right in front of his eyes without even batting an eyelid he might have been convinced. But now that he saw it, he didn't believe her anymore. He couldn't digest the fact that his wife that always looked so fragile to even hurt a flower could commit such a cold murder.

Others might not have noticed it, but he had clearly seen how confident she was while driving the knife through Yang Deming's heart. She didn't seem scared for even a second while doing so. The movements of her hand were smooth and sharp which was not something a person who would kill for the first time would have. Their hands would usually shake, or they would hesitate, but Yue Ling didn't show any such trait. "This isn't your first murder, is it?"

"Well, you are very much right Chairman Song." Wu Zhang answered for Yue Ling. He threw a quick glance at her before using his fingers to call two men that had come along with him forward. With them was a woman who was struggling to escape, but was held tightly by those men. "Do you recognize her?" he asked Song Chen and Yue Ling. Song Jia also cocked her head to look at who the person was.

Song Jia didn't recognize the woman and looked a bit confused. Song Chen glanced at her and had confusion on his face. As for Yue Ling, it took her a few minutes to recognize the middle-aged woman with greying hairs and cheap clothes. But when she finally did, her face lost its color. "You..."

"Looking at your horrid expression, I assume you have recognized her," Wu Zhang spoke to Yue Ling. "She was a maid at the Song Mansion." He smiled, confirming Song Chen's doubts.

"Isn't she the same maid that was present when my deceased son fell into the lake?" Song Chen finally remembered who she was.

"En." Wu Zhang then looked at the woman and spoke in a voice that was very stern. "So will you start speaking now?"


"Shut up, just shut up!" Yue Ling screamed. "Why have you brought her here?!" Saying this she charged towards the woman, but Song Chen pulled her back firmly.

"Back then when I worked at the mansion, Young Madam had given me a lot of money to kill the little young master. And it was on her orders that I pushed him in the water." The woman spoke in between sobs and her words shocked Song Jia and Song Chen to their core.

"You... pushed him deliberately?" Song Jia asked as her eyes started to water with the mention of her little brother.

"Yes, I was paid a lot of money to do it. And later on, I was paid even more money to push the blame on you." The woman started wailing as she spoke, "I left the work at the mansion with all the money, but after a few years someone had come to my house to bribe me to admit to your grandfather that it was an accident and the accusation on you was false."

"Who was it?" Song Chen asked.

"I don't know." The maid shook her head and then continued, "I had rejected their money first, but then they threatened me for the life of my family and I had no choice but to tell your father that your daughter was innocent. And in return, they had helped me to safely move to another city with my family so that Elder Madam would not be able to find me."

Every word from the maid was a stab in Song Chen's heart and on his pride. With every line, his eyes kept growing bigger with the realization while his head kept hanging lower and lower in shame. He couldn't bring himself to look into Song Jia's direction anymore due to the shame and guilt that was developing inside him.

Song Jia looked shocked to the core with everything the maid had said. She looked at Wu Zhang with a dumbfounded expression and Wu Zhang in return, blinked his eyes in a manner that assured her. It conveyed her that everything the maid told was the truth. He gently rubbed her back to calm her down, as there was one more truth which was yet to be revealed.

After hearing everything the maid had got to say, Song Chen hardened his grip on Yue Ling's arm making her flinch and pulled her to stand facing him from his side. With disbelief in his eyes as well as his voice he asked her, "Is she speaking the truth?"
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