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Everyone present at that time in the room was taken aback after seeing such a grisly scene unfold in front of them. When they finally gained their composure a bit, it was only then that they noticed how monstrous Yue Ling looked from the heinous gore that she has committed.

Her curly hair had turned into a mess with a few strands stuck to her forehead and near her sideburns. Her face and hands were all covered with drops of blood that had splattered while she had stabbed Yang Deming. Her eyes were glistening with a terrifying shine that made her appearance look even scarier. Her clothes had patches of blood on it and were disheveled with the buttons of her shirt half-opened down to her navel exposing her bra, but no one gave a damn about it that moment.

"Chen!" Yue Ling exclaimed in surprise when she saw the four people standing with a horrid look on their faces, at the door.

She had just gotten off the corpse of Yang Deming and was buttoning up her shirt while her eyes were glued on Song Chen. As she did that a few drops of blood, that had settled in her hair like crushed rubies slid down her forehead. She felt the wetness of the liquid traveling to reach above her eyes. Feeling annoyed, she used the sleeve of her shirt to wipe the blood but had without realizing, smeared her face with it in the process, to make her appearance look even more ghastly.
"Chen, what are you doing here?" Yue Ling asked with a panicked voice. The murderous glint that she had in her eyes just a moment before was now gone, turning her into a totally different person.

"What... what have you done Ling?" Song Chen asked after he somehow managed to find his voice.

"I... this... this was not done by me... I didn't do it... Believe me, I... I didn't do it!!" Her voice stammered and it seemed like she was trying to convince herself more than others that were present at that moment.

While Yue Ling was making up excuses, Song Jia had gained her senses and cocked her head to look at Peng Hai with the corner of her eyes. Making sure no one was watching, she made a quick gesture of a phone call. Peng Hai understood the meaning of her action and slowly stepped aside.

"We saw you doing it!!" Song Jia said pointing her index finger to Yue Ling.

"What else have you been doing behind my back Ling?" Song Chen asked taking a step in the room. Before he could take another, he felt a small hand tugging the sleeve of his coat. He looked down to see it was Song Jia's hand. He looked at her and she shook her head, telling him silently to not go inside the room as it was now a crime scene.

"No... Nothing... This man was harassing me and he had brought me here forcefully. I was kidnapped and wanted to escape." Yue Ling spun a lie with the speed of lightning in her head.

However, the manager who was standing nearby, immediately busted her lie. "Sorry to intrude Mr. Song, but when this woman checked in here, she didn't seem like she was kidnapped."

"Everyone here is lying, I am telling you." A few drops of tear rolled down from Yue Ling's eyes.

"Then what about this... Lily?" Song Chen had used extra emphasis while calling out her old name. While he asked so, he had snatched the leather folder from Song Jia's hand and opened the page with pictures of Yue Ling and Yang Deming.

"Yue Ling's eyes opened wide with shock hearing her old name. It was something she had always hid from him and didn't want it to come out now. What shocked her more was that she didn't expect him to come prepared with proof. " I can explain—"

"No need." A crisp voice came from behind the door, not letting Yue Ling finish. Everyone turned around to see Wu Zhang coming with a few people.

"CEO Wu."
"Mr. Wu."

The manager, Peng Hai, and Song Chen immediately recognized Wu Zhang and greeted him at the same time.
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