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Fei Yan who was by now boiling in anger, reached the dance floor and occupied a place just next to where Wu Zhang and Song Jia were dancing. Feng Ying who could no longer find out, who she was trying to make jealous asked her, "Miss Fei, who is the man, you are so desperate to seek attention of?"

Fei Yan did not say anything as she pointed her chin in the direction of Wu Zhang. Feng Ying followed her gaze and all he could see was the back of Wu Zhang. Due to Wu Zhang's tall frame, Song Jia's face was not visible. Feng Ying saw them and turned his attention back to Fei Yan and they started dancing as well.

While dancing, Fei Yan's attention was completely on Wu Zhang, so just to seek his attention she said to Feng Ying, "Listen you fool, while dancing move towards their direction. I want Zhang to notice me."

"I am here to help you and you call me a fool?" Feng Ying was not pleased at all.

"You make it sound like you are doing it for free." Fei Yan scoffed. "Just do as I say."

Feng Ying did not say much, and just as he was about to move closer in their direction, they left the dance floor. They actually left?

Fei Yan was about to erupt due to anger, her face has turned red and she looked like a tomato.

Feng Ying saw her and immediately defended himself, "It was not my fault."

"Shut up and come with me." She took him to the food counter, where Wu Zhang and Song Jia have headed. She was so angry that she was no longer interested in fooling around, so she decided to directly go and meet him.

Song Jia was not at all pretentious like other socialite ladies, and since she has retreated from swimming, she did not worry much about her diet, so she has directly taken Wu Zhang to the dessert counter.

"Who eats dessert first?" Wu Zhang laughed.

"I, Song Jia." and she placed a slice of apple pie in her plate. Wu Zhang was to originally eat with the principal and other guests in the private dinning area, organised for the chief guests. But when he saw Song Jia enjoying herself so much, he did not tell her about it and just let her do whatever she wanted to.

While they were still talking, Song Jia turned towards the counter to take another dessert, when someone tapped on Wu Zhang's shoulder. Wu Zhang turned aound and saw it was Fei Yan, with a man. "Fei Yan!" He was surprised to see her here, when he suddenly remembered, what Fei Yan has said to him in the morning, about being his date for the party and chuckled mockingly at her.

"Oh, you got yourself a date." Wu Zhang remarked with a deeper meaning. Fei Yan misunderstood it for jealousy and her heart blossomed with happiness.

"Yes, I indeed got a date . Meet him, he is Feng Ying. He has a multi billion dollar business in Europe." Fei Yan spoke a white lie just to make Wu Zhang feel threatened.

On the other hand, Song Jia heard Feng Ying's name and turned arouned anxiously. She was surprised to see him here. They had broken up just 4 days back and here he was dating another girl. She felt a piercing pain inside as she saw him. But the thing that still managed to amuse her was 'multi billion dollar business in Europe'. She thought he has bluffed Fei Yan, and considering that she was someone Wu Zhang knew, she decided to tell her the truth and stepped towards them.

Feng Ying has just extended his hand to shake it with Wu Zhang, when he heard a very familiar voice and stopped in his place.

"Yes, Mr. Feng indeed has a 'multi billion dollar business'. But Miss Fei, I am afraid you don't know what business it is." Song Jia spoke as she approached them.

Feng Ying was shocked to see Song Jia at the party. Out of all the places in the world, he had never expected her to come to a ball in N City.

"Fei Yan.. haha.. I think we should leave."

"Why would we leave?" she glared sharply at him before she turned to Song Jia, "What were you saying about my Feng's business?"

Hearing her remark, Wu Zhang also looked at Song Jia curiously.
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