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When love beckons twice 3 I realised your demise is near

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Seeing Song Jia standing at the door, Feng Ying thought he was hallucinating, so he blinked his eyes a few times to make sure she was for real, and to his disbelief she was. Her eyes were red with traces of tear stains on her face and they were filled with emotions he could not understand. He did not know how to respond. He opened his mouth a few times, trying to say someting but his voice did not seem to co-operate and no words came out of his mouth. It seemed like he has completely forgotten his current state. Seeing that he was still nude, Song jia glanced around the room and then picked up his boxers which were lying near her feet and threw them at his face. Without waiting for even a second more she turned around to leave with a disgusted look in her eyes.

As soon as the boxers hit Feng Ying's face he got back to his senses and turned to look at the girl next to him. She has by now removed the duvet and was wearing her clothes back leisurely. She returned his gaze with a look of mockery. Deep down she was happy to see him in this state because he never even for once considered her anything more then an escort, while she has started liking him for a good time now. So his current state was satisfactory to her. On the other hand Feng Ying was too pre occupied in his mind to notice her look so he wore back his pajamas quickly and while he was still buttoning his shirt he rushed out of the room to stop Song Jia from leaving.

As he stepped out he noticed her sitting on the couch downstairs, with her head burried in her palms. She looked fragile and hurt. He came downstairs and walked towards her hesitatingly before he sat down on the armchair beside her "So.. Song Jia... when did you come back? You surprised me... haha.. " he tried to calm himself down and clear the tension in the air, although he could not help with the sweat drops appearing on his forehead.

Song Jia lifted her head and smiled at Feng Ying, after a few seconds she replied with a very calm voice "as soon as i realised your demise is near."

Her words sent shivers down Feng Ying's spine. As he was trying to figure out the best response he saw the girl in his room coming out. She came downstairs and stood beside him. She seemed un affected by everything going on.

"Jia I can explain everything, please dont misunderstand" hearing Feng Ying's words, Song Jia stood up from her place and took two steps towards him. Seeing her coming close, Feng Ying also stood up sub conciously. She scanned him from head to toe before she slapped him as hard as she could, imprinting her finger prints on his cheek. She slapped him several times before she started talking again. "What did you say? I can 'destroy' you? You want to 'get rid of me'?" Song Jia repeated his words before slapping him again.

Feng Ying was so angry after being slapped and humiliated like this that he clenched his fists in anger, but he could not retaliate because of Song Jia's identity. He knew if he did he wont see the sunlight next day. So all he could now do was endure it and rub his now red cheeks with his palm.
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